Book Review: Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

Aug 30, 2021 | Edwin Arceo, Reviews

Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

A remarkable book, written by a remarkable author, who happens to be an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, John C. Lennox.  The author is also a Christian apologist or one who defends the faith, which for me is very surprising with him being a mathematician. In one sense, Mr. Lennox may be the best person to answer the question which is the basis of the book: Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

This question is probably in many people’s minds. I have been a Christian for a long time so I am more used to trusting God in these difficult times. I praise God for that but there are those who need more assurance of how God deals with things like this. This book is for those people, Christians, and the curious unbeliever who may have gone through or maybe going through the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Peace in a pandemic? Only Jesus can give that. The issue for all of us this: will we trust him to do so.

Right off the bat, Mr. Lennox addresses the fears that we have because of the pandemic. These are scary times and made scarier by the death of family or friends due to this disease which many of us have experienced. We had pandemics before but they were regional and did not have this much effect.

Mr. Lennox then provides us with various worldviews that affect our perspective, focusing a chapter on the nature of evil and the source of suffering. He says, “Our attitude to these deep issues is influenced by our worldview—the framework built up over the years, which contains the thinking and experience that each of us brings to bear on the big questions life, death, and the meaning of existence.”

The author then shifts his focus to atheism which believes that pandemics and disasters show that there is no God. Mr. Lennox makes a beautiful argument against this belief system, which gave me greater assurance that God is in control.

Our mathematician/apologist then moves to answer the question that the book is all about. He makes great sense, I tell you. Well, you will have to read the book yourself to decide if Mr. Lennox does make great sense or not. If you are a strong believer, it IS great sense…and very encouraging. If you are struggling with your faith, then this book may help. It is not just theology (which you need), but the author provides practical (and academic) proof of his argument.

Where is God in a Coronavirus World? is a short read. Containing only over 60 pages, it is very concise and well written. The arguments Mr. Lennox used to answer the question are truly fit for today’s world. If you do read this, make sure to read it in one sitting. You will have a better appreciation of the answer to the question when Mr. Lennox’s thoughts are fresh.

The book is published by CSM Publishing and is available in their online shops on Shopee and Lazada for 90.00 pesos only.

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