God is Really OUR Father

Nov 24, 2023 | Edwin Arceo, Parenting

I’m a father. I’ve got two boys, one is 20 and the other 13. Due to certain circumstances, I also seem to have two daughters. One is the daughter of my best friend who died in an accident years ago. The other is my half-sister who was born 15 years after me. I kind of promised myself that I would take care of her when our father died.

As a father, I have to discipline my kids. When my eldest was younger, there were quite a few times that I had to use the rod to discipline him. There was a time when he was in fifth grade when I had to spank him a number of times because he went to a classmate’s house without permission to go for a swim. The problem was that they did not have any adults around them. If you were a father like me, what would you have done?

In Job 5:17 – 20, we read of Eliphaz’ response to Job’s speech, “But consider the joy of those corrected by God! Do not despise the discipline of the Almighty when you sin. For though he wounds, he also bandages. He strikes, but his hands also heal. From six disasters he will rescue you; even in the seventh he will keep you from evil. He will save you from death in time of famine, from the power of the sword in time of war.

I mention the verse because I remember that after I spanked my son, in the evening when he was already sleeping, I was rubbing the places where the “rod met the flesh.” I really had to make a point that he will not easily forget. But it hurt me a lot. It was painful to see him in pain. But I had to do it because it was for his own good.

I believe God fashioned us, earthly fathers, the same way as He is. As testified by the Bible, God, when He had to correct those He loves, He also provides comfort, soothes the pain, and heals. It must have hurt Him so much to do such acts to His children, but we are hardheaded a lot of times and do not listen to Him, then we get “spanked.” Just like many fathers like me, God will do whatever it takes to “straighten” the path of those He loves.

I love my kids. I know God loves me because He is my Father. 😎

Edwin is the founder and publisher of Jacob’s Fountain, a website dedicated to publishing content that refreshes others so that others may also be refreshed.

He also works as the Manager for Merchandise Development at CBN Asia, the producer of the long-running weeknight inspirational show, The 700 Club Asia. He has been working here since 1994. Edwin is also the husband to Emy and a father to his two sons, Ephraim and Edwin James.

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