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Jun 2, 2023 | Dennis Heppner, Lifestyle

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Any relationship that does not sustain regular communication is doomed. So how can we move our Christian life forward when communicating with God is not our priority?

I’m sure everyone reading this today would like to have regular time with God, but more often than not, it just does not happen. And it is impossible to move forward in God and keep your faith without spending personal quality time with God.

Consistency in spending time with God is the most powerful tool of Christian growth.

I’m going to list some key points that can significantly increase your spiritual growth. Print these out and put them somewhere obvious so you can begin tomorrow! I personally carry this on a printout in my Bible.

Here is a thought as you begin: if you are uncomfortable spending 30 minutes with God today, how will you ever enjoy heaven??

Here we go!

Relax (1 minute)

Be still and quiet. Prepare your heart. Turn your phone on mute. Settle down and quiet all the noise. Put some noise cancelling headphones on. Do whatever it takes to focus and be quiet. “See” where Jesus is in the room and focus on him.

Recite (2 minutes)

Enter God’s presence with thanksgiving and praise. (Psalm 100:4) Take some time to praise God. Think of every reason you can and with your voice praise God. If you are stuck, read a psalm of praise or two out loud.

Renounce (2 minutes)

Confess your sins. (Psalm 66:18) Open your heart to God and clear everything out. Sometimes in this routine we become aware of hidden things, hidden sins that are actually affecting our relationship with God. Live before God with a clean slate. It increases your confidence in talking to God.

Read (4 minutes)

Read, study, and memorize the Scriptures. I recommend using a yearly reading schedule. Change things up once in a while and listen to an audio Bible!

Reflect (4 minutes)

Meditate on the verses you have read. Pause and reflect on what you’ve read. Underline something. Read it out loud. Repeat reading what has blessed you. Do anything that helps you connect to something you’ve read.

Record (2 minutes)

Keep a journal, either a book journal or online journal. Write down what you hear God speaking in your heart. What did the Bible say to you today? Write practical personal applications.

Request (5 minutes)

Pray over your daily requests. Keep a prayer list and pray through it every day. It encourages you because you will see tangible answers to prayer. Write a prayer request. Date it and when it is answered put the date down. It’s amazing how much prayer God answers.

Reconnect (5 minutes)

Allow the Holy Spirit to pray through you, especially in a heavenly language (tongues) if that is your experience. Let your spirit pray along with the Holy Spirit.

Receive (5 minutes)

Listen for the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit. Then journal those messages. Listen, listen, listen. You will often hear Him speak as you learn to listen.

I have problems with this list. Why? Because I get so blessed in the process that I find it difficult to bring this down to a mere 30 minutes!

Your faith will grow as you get close to God daily. You will see greater blessings in your life. If you are struggling to be consistent in devotions, this would be a good way to begin. So do it now!

I challenge you to start now to enhance your relationship with God. Here is a thought as you begin: if you are uncomfortable spending 30 minutes with God today, how will you ever enjoy heaven??

Dennis Heppner grew up in Canada and was called to ministry as a young boy. Dennis and his wife Denie, who was also called to missions as a child, pastored 4 churches in Canada, but in 1987 the door opened to come to the Philippines as missionaries. They brought their 4 eldest children with them and the kids grew up here. In 2006 they adopted Emma Rose, a special Filipino treasure and a gift from God to their family.

Dennis has been a missionary evangelist in Asia for 25 years. He was the director of LIFESCHOOLS of ministry and pastored 3 churches in the early years of his ministry based in the Philippines. He is currently the founder and President of Developing Effective Leaders (DEL), superintendent of Church of God West Asia, and the founding and lead Pastor of the vibrant, growing Church of God Makati.

Dennis and Denie and their whole family, including Josh and Melody who live in Canada, are committed to missions, leadership, and the call of Christ.

Read more of Ptr. Dennis’ articles HERE.

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