The True Meaning of Confidence

Oct 29, 2019 | Christine Mata Kairuz, Lifestyle

The True Meaning of Confidence

💃 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach declared, “I want to show the world, the universe, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart.” ❤️What does it really mean to be CONFIDENT in Christian parlance? CONFIDENCE embodies the idea of reliance on someone, something or trust in another; a different aspect is that of boldness, courage, self-assurance.

A woman of confidence walks secure in the love of GOD

🙌“…we who worship in the Spirit of GOD and glory in CHRIST JESUS and put no confidence in the flesh” (Phil.3:3). Our confidence must be IN CHRIST and in no other; not in our 🤓human wisdom, not in our wealth,💱💲 in what we have, not in who we are, and not in man’s promises! 🗣💪

🚣‍♀️Confidence is not sitting in a boat, 😲 cowering in fear, 💨🌊 but confidence STEPS OUT of the boat and WALKS on water (Mt.14:22-32).🌬It’s not the terrible things that happen to you, but it’s how you respond, first maybe hesitatingly, but allowing the truth to rise up within you that you won’t take fear sitting down. Fear lashes at you, snickers at you to your face, but you rise up because you know in WHOM YOU TRUST!

👸A woman of confidence walks secure in the love of GOD …🙏👏 “rooted and established in love…” (Eph.3:17), knowing that CHRIST’s love is wide, long, high and deep – it covers the breadth of our earthly experience and even the whole world, it continues the length of our lives ’til we are face to face with HIM, it rises to the heights😊 of our joy and celebration, and so deep it reaches to the depths😔 of our disillusionments, our desperations, even to death. We must shift this truth from our heads to our hearts💖, so this “truth becomes a life-altering trust”!!!

Christine Kairuz is the wife of the host of The 700 Club Asia, Peter Kairuz.

She conducts CBN Asia’s Ministering to Ministers Program alongside her husband, Peter.

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