Ten House Rules

Mar 1, 2021 | Betinna Carlos, Parenting

Rules are made for our safety and be­nefit. Imagine if there were no rules in basketball games, then players can freely elbow their opponents. Imagine if there were no traffic rules …

Imagine just how more chaotic the world will be if there weren’t laws that citizens must abide by. As citizens, we have laws to abide by in order to maintain peace and order in our country.

As Christians, we too are subject to another, higher set of laws – the Moral Law or more known as The Ten Commandments. Thou shall not kill, thou shall have no other gods but Me, thou shall not covet …

Most people complain about rules and laws. Why is it too strict? Why so many things to follow? These whiners actually miss out on the point that the laws are for their benefit.

God gave His Commandments as our guiding rules in living [on earth in preparation for our life everlasting]. As the Giver of Life and Creator of All, we are actually privileged to be given rules straight from Him to live by, to direct us so that life works and we can enjoy it. Rules are really for our good.

Furthermore, it is through obedience and adherence to the commandments that He can distinguish His true children from those who are not. Jesus said in John 14:15 “If you love me you will obey my commandments.” It is indeed through action that you prove your conviction. And truly, in obedience do you prove your love.

This realization prompted me a year ago to come up with our own 10 Commandments at home or what I call house rules. Because as early as four years old, I already wanted to teach my daughter about the importance of rules, respect to authorities aside from Mummy as well as drawing boundaries. Sharing with you how I transformed or reworded every commandment into more relatable and understandable terms for my toddler.

  1. (You shall have no other Gods before Me) Love Papa God the most (yes, even more than Mummy). He should be #1 in your life.
  2. (You shall not make for yourself an idol) Pray to Papa Jesus only and always. (As soon as you wake up, before you eat, and sleep). You can pray to God wherever you are.
  3. (You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God) God’s name is Holy. Never use it as an expression. No OMGs. Be polite. Say please, Thank you, No Thank You, Po, Opo, I’m sorry.
  4. (Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy) Sunday is for Papa God. It is a rest day and church day. No work on Sunday. It is only for rest and worship. Writing and review are only Monday to Saturday. (Do your best at work and in school. Remember it is Jesus you are doing it for.)
  5. (Honor your father and mother). Obey Mummy (You make Papa Jesus happy)
  6. (You shall not murder) Do not hurt anyone – by hand or by words. No hitting. No biting. No pushing. No yelling. No raising of voice. N, o mean words. No teasing. No calling names. Respect everyone.
  7. (You shall not commit adultery) No cheating. No hiding. No secrets from Mummy.
  8. (You shall not steal) Always ask for permission. Do not take what is not yours. Do not do what you are asked not to do, even if Mummy is not looking.
  9. (You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor) Be honest. No lying. Always tell the truth (before Mummy even asks) Every time you lie you give a piece of your heart to the devil. Papa God has a way of telling Mummy lied.
  10. (You shall not covet) Be thankful. Don’t compare. Don’t complain. Don’t be jealous. Share.

These are basically the 10 most important house rules I expect everyone at home to follow.

Gummy and I also have more specific rules such as, when in the mall she can visit the toy store but only to have a look and not buy. She can only buy toys twice a year—for Christmas and her birthday. She also cannot ask others to buy her toys. Our rule on eating sweets—she cannot have sweets at night because she will have a sore throat the following day. In school, she needs to ask for my permission first if she can take what dessert is being offered to her.

One very important rule I strictly have her observe is about physical touch with and from the opposite sex. No boy is allowed to kiss you even on the cheek or touch your private parts (those that are covered by her swimwear such as her vagina, her behind, her bust, and stomach). She is also not allowed to be kissed by anyone on the lips—even same-sex friends, only Mummy.

It is up to you Mum and Dad to come up with rules. One rule though in making rules – make sure to implement and apply to all situations. No exceptions. Otherwise, your children will learn that rules are bendable and they can have their way around them.

Bettinna Carlos or Mummy Bite [Bee-té] or Bites is a modern, single, Christian, working mom. Everything she does is for the Lord and her 5-year-old gummy bear, Amanda [or Gummy]. She starts her day with prayer and devotionals which she shares on Instagram, with the hopes of bringing more people to Jesus.

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