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Apr 17, 2023 | Fred Toke, Lifestyle

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The saying “old habits die hard” has been around for centuries, but recent research has shown that the brain can be rewired to help create long-term changes in behavior patterns.

The brain is constantly changing and adapting, and though it is hardwired from an anatomical point of view, it may not be conservatively hardwired as previously known. Instead, neuroscience has clearly shown that the brain is plastic, capable of forming new neural pathways and reorganizing its structure in response to new experiences.

This concept is often referred to as ‘neuroplasticity,’ which is the ability of the brain to modify its own structure, functions, and networks to adapt to new or changing experiences and stimuli.
Ultimately, this plasticity is why various types of “rewiring therapy” are becoming popular. Rewiring therapies include mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neurofeedback, which can be used to safely and effectively reprogram the brain.

Ultimately, rewiring the brain is a tool to help us live a better, happier, and more balanced life.

Though rewiring the brain is undoubtedly complex, writing down our negative thoughts is one of the first and easiest steps toward reshaping our neural circuitry and building positive habits. From this, one can challenge the rationale behind those thoughts and find alternative ways to resolve the situations at hand. Furthermore, constantly using and challenging our brains effectively keeps them active and flexible, boosting learning and memory.

Ultimately, rewiring the brain is a tool to help us live a better, happier, and more balanced life.

This particular Scripture, written thousands of years ago, “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind,” is now proven true by neuroscientists.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing your mind.” — Romans 12:2

Those who cannot change their minds cannit change anything.” — George Bernard Shaw

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

Fred Tokè aka Dr. Tokèmon

Fred Tokė aka Dr. Tokėmon is a Clinical Psychologist by training, was a former adjunct professor at Nanyang Technological University. He is also a guest lecturer at the University Malaysia Sabah’s Faculty of Medicine. Besides teaching, he also provides clinical psychotherapy services to the downtrodden and the discouraged.

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