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Jan 24, 2024 | Dennis Heppner, Faith

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How badly do you want to know God’s will? That is the place to start. “I have not come to do my own will but the will of him who sent me,” is what Jesus said.

Many of us want God’s will to be what we have already decided it should be. We want Him to send us where we want to go. Many of us tell God things like, “Your word says this and this, and I claim your will in this situation…” We pressure Him to do what we want. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate and effective to approach God looking for His will and agenda rather than trying to pressure Him to do what we want?

Here are three ways to discover God’s will for your life.


We should approach Him with an open mind and heart, without an agenda, like a servant looking for the next instructions from their master. Would you still want God’s will if He made it clear that you were supposed to go in a totally different direction? How willing would you be to go?


You must be in the right frame of mind to find God’s will. This requires consistent meditation on the Word of God because that’s where His will is found. Prayerfully pray as you read. If the Holy Spirit is leading you, He will never contradict the written word of God. If your heart and mind are not tuned to the Word of God, you won’t recognize the voice of the Spirit. He doesn’t shout – He speaks softly. Sometimes, our plans are shouting louder than God’s voice!

How badly do you want to know God’s will? That is the place to start. “I have not come to do my own will but the will of him who sent me,” is what Jesus said.


Pay attention to your present circumstances. Wherever God puts you, stay there until He speaks again. Don’t let human restlessness move you too quickly. Make a lifetime commitment to where God has you today, and don’t entertain a change of direction or location unless the Holy Spirit initiates the change. The circumstances will confirm if God has spoken something new to your heart.

We believed God called us to the Philippines in 1972. God did not open the door till 1986, and we then moved to the Philippines permanently, never intending to leave. Thirty-one years later, God made it very clear by several things, including many circumstances, that it was time to go. We are still intricately involved and committed to Asia, but I was told clearly to relocate to our home country and do it from here.

During the 48 years of my faith journey, restlessness has been a constant demon that has had to be rebuked and resisted. Weariness with a certain task, a sense of failure in a certain mission, or boredom causes us to jump before God says, “Jump!” I say to everyone reading today – stay put no matter what you think or feel unless God initiates a change! That is truly seeking and then pursuing the will of God. If you are honestly following the will of God, He will guide you and make it happen.

Dennis Heppner grew up in Canada and was called to ministry as a young boy. Dennis and his wife Denie, who was also called to missions as a child, pastored four churches in Canada, but in 1987 the door opened to come to the Philippines as missionaries. They brought their four eldest children with them, and the kids grew up here. In 2006, they adopted Emma Rose, a special Filipino treasure and a gift from God to their family.

Dennis has been a missionary evangelist in Asia for 25 years. He was the director of LIFESCHOOLS of ministry and pastored three churches in the early years of his ministry based in the Philippines. He is the founder and President of Developing Effective Leaders (DEL), superintendent of Church of God West Asia, and the founding and lead Pastor of the vibrant, growing Church of God Makati.

Dennis, Denie, and their whole family, including Josh and Melody, who live in Canada, are committed to missions, leadership, and the call of Christ.

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