God, The Founder of Our Marriage

Sep 27, 2019 | Christine Mata Kairuz, Marriage

🏠 📖🙏”Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain…” (Psalm 127:1). Early on in our marriage we never made GOD the foundation of it. We both worked, then we decided to have kids. Peter eventually asked me to quit the airlines to focus more on the children. As years went on the romance seemed to taper, doldrums set in. Conversations became trite. 😕😪

🚛✈️⛴He wanted to grow the business at that stage. He flourished in the business world and I no longer felt important in his life. Peter was clueless about the turmoil going on inside of me. When I’d complain, he cuts me by saying, “Be thankful that I’m not like that guy down the road who fails to provide for his family! I still come home to you, don’t I? After all, I’m doing this for you and the kids!!” 🗣 Cutting, hurtful words. Deep down from my heart I wanted to cry out and say, “It’s not the money; it’s not the material things…it’s you I need!”

😠Anger and resentment started to create a hard shell around my heart. We had left GOD out of our lives for so long. Now, everything we had and had done led to nothing but futility!👎

🙏👁Desperation made me look up to GOD at this point. HE sent precious people in my life to show me that GOD, our JESUS, needed to be the builder of our home. I met the JESUS of the BIBLE!!📖 ♥️ Daily I asked and pleaded to GOD about Peter. On my next birthdate, I asked him to come to church. He listened to the WORD and was cut to the heart and gave his life to HIM.

Desperation made me look up to GOD at this point.

Today, we no longer are laboring in vain⚒🛠. Today, our GOD is the BUILDER of our house!!! 🙏💪🏣 📖

Christine Kairuz is the wife of the host of The 700 Club Asia, Peter Kairuz. She conducts CBN Asia’s Ministering to Ministers Program alongside her husband, Peter.

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