Discovering Your Voice

Jan 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

By Yay Padua Olmedo

Our five-month-old granddaughter Coco is on a roll, more aware now of the many things going on around her, and discovering too that the world is not just about feeding, fussing, fretting and falling asleep. She is now into more flavors than just milk, tinkers with toys in her secure play space which we call her office, and has lately discovered her voice.

She’s found out she could scream―and catch everyone’s attention with it, which then leads to more screaming. LOL and Kodak moments, I assure you.

And because of that, I decided to write this piece.

“You have your own voice, and nobody else can articulate it for you,” said my friend Grace.

I apologize for my long absence. Things had been a blur these recent weeks since we came to visit our son’s family this side of the globe. Grandparents need to be grandparents and so that’s what my husband and I are, currently, totally.

But back to my topic of discovering one’s voice.

“You have your own voice, and nobody else can articulate it for you,” said my friend Grace.

I had long wanted to write for very specific demographics, particularly my students, yuppies and people in the corporate world, but I thought I didn’t have it in me to write as excellently as her, Grace being a multi-awarded author of children’s books and other inspirational literature.

“Just write,” was her simple advice. And that encouragement has resulted in five books. I’m raring to continue writing the sixth, having finished two chapters back in Manila.

So I have my own voice after all! That I could join the conversation, be a point-of-view that my students or any yuppie or someone trying to climb up the corporate ladder may consult―because, come to think of it, I’ve been there, done that.

But it’s really not just my voice. I am able to write because of my rich experience, the people who figured in it, but more so, because of the Word of God which has become my ultimate compass.

And that’s my prayer for my children, grandchildren, loved ones and even my students. That they would develop their point of view, order their lives according to biblical truths, and talk about it with the same passion that Jesus had when He walked the earth.

Call it purpose, your calling, your reason for being. How could your life―talents, experiences, even your faith―add value to someone else’s?

Coco’s discovery of her voice surely animated her, giving her more reason to scream and experiment with her sounds. And we were just too happy to hear her do that.

Would anyone be excited to hear your point of view? More to the point, would anyone be blessed because you’ve lived according to that point of view?

Yay believes that her purpose as a Christian is to become salt and light where God has placed her. Aside from teaching Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at Southville Foreign University in Las Pinas City, Philippines, she conducts motivational and business seminars and write inspirational materials. You can visit her blog at

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