Christmas 2020 Book Lovers’ Gift Guide

Dec 15, 2020 | Edwin Arceo, Lifestyle

2021 Book Lovers' Christmas Gift Guide

A book is one of the best things that you can give someone today. The pandemic restrictions have given people more time to read. Giving a loved one a book is also healthy because it may help them stop drowning themselves in online binge-watching, which, according to a Washington Post article last year shows the possible bad side effects of this online activity which you can read HERE. This gift guide will help you make wise selections for that special person in your heart. Make sure to check out the tip at the end of this article.

I have compiled a list of great books and accessories that you can give as a gift this year. You can click the title of the gift which will lead you to Shopee links here, not because they sponsor me, but because I think they have a better shopping experience than Lazada. By the way, the products I indicated here are all available in the Philippines.

So here is my gift guide for this year of the pandemic, 2021.

Devotional Books

Our Daily Bread (ODB) is a staple devotional for many Christians. I know many people who started their devotional life using ODB. The stories are great and inspirational even though the stories are mostly Western. Many of the authors’ experience is true to many Filipinos. This one should be easy.

Finding Strength and Refuge is written by Dr. Harold Sala. I call him a multimedia missionary because he has been reaching out to the Philippines and many parts of the world through his radio and internet program, Guidelines, and his many books. This title is a good one for me because it is focused on strength and refuge which shows the theme of the devotional. I have used this devotional from time-to-time and it has really help me get uplifted in many occasions.

My Utmost for His Highest is one of the legacies left behind by Oswald Chambers. It is a beloved devotional read by thousands around the world. My copy is also a  Bible given to me by one of CBN Asia’s board of trustees, Coney Reyes. It was really a blessing to receive and aI am sure, whoever you give it to, will also be blessed.

Superbook Gizmo’s Daily Adventure is written for our young generation today. It is a 30-day devotional aimed at helping kids start their devotional journey with God, and Chris, Joy, and Gizmo of the popular TV (and now internet) show, Superbook.

Unchanging Grace is a series recently launched by CSM Publishing last October. It is a five cover collection (all the contents are the same) which you can choose from all showing touristy spots in the Philippines. You can read my review of Unchanging Grace HERE.

Signpost is a compilation of inspirational and encouraging Facebook posts by The 700 Club Asia host, Peter M. Kairuz. It is full of insights and wisdom that is only possible with an intimate relationship with Jesus. It is a full 366 day (If you happen to read this in a leap year like this year) devotional book. By the way, this happens to be designed by my team at CBN Asia (check my bio below) so I’m obviously biased towards it.


Pinoy Version New Testament is a very controversial translation and has garnered attention both positive and negative. I personally vouch for it, not only because I know the people behind the translation but also because I believe that this is a great resource for our young people today. Check out my review HERE.

If you are giving a Bible to a visually challenged person, then the ESV Large Print Thin Line Bible is the way to go. A visual impairment should not stop someone from reading the Bible so this edition will really help that special someone in your life. The English Standard Version (ESV) is also a nice translation so you don’t have any worries on that part.

Splash of Paint Design NLT Bible is for the teenagers in your house who wants to look cool in whatever they have on them. Of course, looking cool is not the goaal of having a Bible but it helps that the cover is attractive to young people. I’m all for doing whatever it takes for people to read the Bible you know.

NLT Teen Slim Line Holy Bible is for the teen who does not want to carry a heavy load in their bag. If there is something that should be in their bag it should be this.

Inspirational books

More Than Most The Story of Courageous Caitie is one of the most inspiring stories you will ever read, bar none. I followed Caitie’s story on social media where the parents were also chronicling their journey. I am also a fan of the father, Jayjay Lucas’ photography. Fair warning, you may want a tissue on hand whenever you read this. You can read my coverage of the official book launch HERE.

Take Heart Letter of Faith, Hope, and Love is for teens, but I read it! Teens will easily relate to the contributors to the book. It is super easy to read and can be used as a devotional. You can read my review of Take Heart HERE.

The Other Cheek is for those who are having a hard time to forgive so this is probably a good book to give anyone. The stories compiled by the author, Ms. Grace Chong, really hits the spot. Everyone has someone to forgive, which makes this book good. Read my review HERE.

Bettinna Carlos: Heartbreaks and Breakthroughs shares Bettinna’s journey from sickness to full recovery, not just in the physical but emotional and spiritual aspects as well. The highlight for reading it is that Bettinna was just recently married so you can better appreciate her journey. I covered the book launch too HERE!

The rest of the gift guide below includes a collection of search links that will quickly send you to the results page of Shopee. Reading is a great hobby, and as such, you may need some accessories to heighten your experience.

Book Rest

Sometimes it’s hard to read a book for an extended period of time. That’s where a book rest or book stand comes in. My wife can attest to this. She also uses her book rest to prop up her iPad or her smartphone. Make reading easy by clicking this link to choose from an array of choices.

This is what my wife uses which happens to be a gift from our friends at OMF Literature. CLICK HERE for  the Shopee link.

If you want to go with an all-metal, lightweight design, then maybe you may want to check this out.

If you are into a more rustic look, maybe this one will satisfy you.


Admit it, you have used sticky notes, receipts, concert tickets, and all sorts of scrap papers to use as a bookmark. Level up and buy yourself a box of bookmarks. I know I did when my team designed a box of bookmarks for our donors. I’ve got stacks of books with bookmarks in them to mark where I stopped. How to resume reading them is another question.

Click this link to head out to the bookmarks search results.

Reading Lamp

Sometimes it’s easier (or it’s the best time) to read at night. You don’t want disturb the person sleeping next to you so for that, you will need a reading lamp.

This gift guide is obviously not exhaustive but I chose them because they are produced and sold by local publishers and available (for the moment).

And now for that tip, I mentioned earlier. One way to make your gift-giving time more productive is to buy online and then put the shipping name and address to the person you are giving the gift to. Of course, pay for it first. This way, it will also come as a surprise. Just make sure to purchase early so it arrives before Christmas.

So this wraps up our gift guide, keep yourself safe by purchasing online and make your friends and loved ones know that you remember and care for them even in these trying times.

Edwin is the founder and publisher of Jacob’s Fountain, a website dedicated to publishing content that refreshes others so that may also be refreshed.

He also works as the Manager for Merchandise Development at CBN Asia, the producer of the long-running weeknight inspirational show, The 700 Club Asia. He has been working here since 1994. Edwin is also the husband to Emy and a father to his two sons, Ephraim and Edwin James.

Read more of Edwin’s articles HERE!

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