Then the LORD God Made a Woman

May 24, 2021 | Christine Mata Kairuz, Lifestyle

The the LORD God Made the Woman
Then the LORD GOD MADE a WOMAN 🧕 from the rib HE had taken out of the man 🧔, and HE brought her to the man” (Genesis 2:22).
The word MADE literally is bana, which implies BEAUTY, DURABILITY, and STABILITY. The woman was never an afterthought. She was created as part of GOD’s beautiful plan for mankind!
👁️ Let’s take a look at EVE. Her name means “life” or “mother of all who have life.” Though it was her disobedience that brought 🖤 sin into the world, thus death came into the world, Adam gave her a name that was expressive of a prophetic life bound up in her. Through the seed of woman, sin 🖤 would one day be overcome and “death swallowed up in victory!”💥

🧕 Eve never experienced childhood 👼. She was created woman. She had no mother and was never called daughter by any human. It was GOD who FATHERED Eve. GOD never hid Eve from Adam, but in fact, presented Eve to Adam—the first bridal march ever. HE made her “and HE brought her to the man.”
Eve was the original first lady, first 🧕 woman. The first woman to be called wife. It was Adam’s response upon seeing Eve, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man” (Gen.2:23). This first recorded words of man, an exclamatory outburst, revealed that Eve was of perfect form and her beauty must-have “reflected the divine perfection!” (Herbert Lockyer)
Eve was first in many areas: first to be born without sin🤍; the first woman to ever walk on earth; first to be spiritually assaulted by satan; the first 🖤 sinner; first to impact the world in a negative way; first to design an outfit for human use, the fig leaves 🌿🍃; first to 🤱 bear a son; first to have a murderer for a son; first to ever mourn 😥; first to receive the prophecy of the CROSS. 🎚️
Woman, in your HANDS ✋ 🤚 lie the POWER to BUILD UP 🌞 or to tear down. Your DECISIONS can be GODLY 😇 or deadly. Your WORDS 👄 can be sweet and LIFE-GIVING 💥, or it can be vile and bitter. Your COUNSEL 🗣️ will direct your children 🧒 and LEAD them to the RIGHT path, or you can pummel them toward evil😫 and wickedness. You can be a bane 🌑 or a BLESSING💧 to your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 or your man!! To the woman of beauty, durability, and stability, it’s your choice!! ❤🙌❤️🙏❤️👐
Weigh wisely, the consequences are bounded by your choices…
Christine Mata Kairuz is the wife of the host of The 700 Club Asia, Peter Kairuz. She conducts CBN Asia’s Ministering to Ministers Program alongside her husband. She is also a fervent prayer warrior and teacher.
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