BOOK REVIEW: Marriage Rules, The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Marriage

Sep 3, 2018 | Edwin Arceo, Marriage, Reviews


I feel like I could have written this book by Ryan O’Quinn, Marriage Rules, The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Marriage. Really. I feel like he’s describing my marriage. 😎

Like many, if not all, marriages, nothing is perfect. Ryan points out many of these imperfections in the book, which I surprisingly relate to. As I write this, I have not yet finished reading the book. Of the chapters I’ve read, I was often chuckling by myself during my commute to our office, the time I usually read books that I review. This happens because Ryan, the author, is an actor and a comedian. Almost all the rules that the author wrote were cleverly and, yes, hilariously written, but nonetheless true.

Each rule is a short read. If I had read this in one sitting, I might have finished in under an hour. But I am easily distracted, so I don’t do that anymore. My usual strategy to finish a book is to read during my commute because I don’t have anything to do for one to 1 1/2 hours.

Oh, did I mention that this copy that I have is just 4″ x 6″? It’s the size of a 4R photo. It can seriously fit in your back pocket, although I keep mine in my bag because, you know, it’s a book about marriage. You don’t want people to think that you’re reading this book because you’re having difficulty in your relationship (that’s a joke, don’t tell my wife).

Overall, it’s a good book. I highly recommend it for newlyweds or those who are about to get married. It was written by a man, usually from a man’s (his) perspective. Many wives will understand their man better if they read this. (Keeping my fingers crossed).

It’s also not a very religious, Christian read. It’s very practical and, most importantly, truthfully written, albeit hilariously. Hey, it’s written on the cover, so don’t blame me.

Special thanks to CSM Publishing for providing a copy for us to review here at Jacob’s Fountain! Marriage Rules, The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Marriage, will be launched at this year’s Manila International Book Fair at the SMX at MOA in Pasay City from September 12-16, 2018. Their booth is located between aisles P and Q. Suggested retail price is 99.00 


Getting Married? Just Married? Been married for 50 years?

Whether you are currently in the throes of wedded bliss or aspire to walk the aisle one day, this book will give you a hilarious perspective to navigate the up-and-down, sometimes sideways, roller coaster ride we call marriage.

You start with a fairytale idea of what marriage will be like; then reality and life happen. By finding the fun in everyday situations, comedian Ryan O’Quinn has discovered the secret to “happily ever after.” Only a sense of humor can help you survive the insanity of the M-word!

Regardless of your station, you can count on these “rules” of marriage.

• Toothpaste can make or break your marriage.

• Men want to be on a throne, women want to be on a pedestal, and they both want alone time in the bathroom.

• You will need to date your spouse.

• Marriage is a contract for someone else to call you out on your imperfections.

• This is not the person you married—and that’s okay.

• Husbands will lie about golf and dinners.


Ryan O’Quinn is an actor, comedian, daddy, and husband. He has traveled the country for more than 20 years as a comedian and speaker for large-platform church events, conferences, and comedy stages. His family-friendly, everyman approach to comedy gives him a unique voice to say exactly what most people are thinking. In addition to being a film and TV actor, Ryan is also a founding member of Dude Day Films and the “Dad Dudes” brand, a comedy entertainment company that has reached millions of people through internet and television distribution. His first book Parenting Rules! The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Parenthood was a best seller in a number of categories within the first month of release. Raised in Grundy, Virginia, Ryan now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Heather, and their three children. Visit

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