Why I’m Voting for Manny Pacquiao for Senator

Feb 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

By Edwin D. Arceo

Let me lay down some facts first:

1. Manny is inexperienced

2. He is not articulate

3. He is not a lawyer

4. He is prone to making mistakes

5. He is spread thin (boxing, basketball, politcs, faith, etc.)

6. He is not handsome

But allow me to point out a few things too:

1. Manny is a Christian

2. He is passionate

3. He is willing to learn

4. He admits his mistakes

5. He has many “Christian” advisers

6. He has money

7. He is popular

Beyond these pros and cons, here is my reason why I would vote for him: I want a Bible believing Christian in the senate!

The reason why there is a proliferation of non-traditional and un-biblical laws made or being proposed in our legislatures (local or national) is because there is an acute shortage of counselors, congresspeople, senators and judges who believe in the principles written in the Bible. Sometimes, even the legislators that we see in churches and identify as Christians act against their faith by supporting bills that are unbiblical. Why?

I realized my stand on this issue after hearing the CIBAC (Citizne’s Battle Against Corruption) partylist representative, Chona Gonzales, and Atty. Jeremiah Belgica, speak at our office about this predicament. Rep Gonzales is doing all her might to oppose the passage of the BBL, the anti-SOGI bill and many others while Atty. Belgica is doing all he can to disseminate information about the same issues. And they need a lot of help!

That is why we need more people like Manny Pacquiao—a passionate Christian which I determined first hand—in the senate.

Our legislature is a difficult place to be and playing politics (and being politically correct) reign supreme. We need to muster all the resources that we have, including voting for people like Manny who makes “mistakes” (and would do a few more, but who doesn’t) but stands firm on what he believes in. Also, Manny learns from his mistakes and is humble enough to ask for forgiveness.

Wouldn’t you want someone like that? I would! Its better to have a Manny Pacquiao who makes a mistake (and we all see it) and stands up (and actually try to make it up) but still stand firm on what he believes in. Or…do you want someone who is sooo intelligent and smart and know-it-all but commits something fishy in secret?

Here are a few more “known” Christians running for positions of authority that you may prayerfully consider voting for if you are in the position:

1. The Belgica brothers, Jeremiah (running for counselor in  Manila) and Grepor (running for a senate seat)

2. Vico Sotto (looking for a seat in the Pasig City council)

3. Joel Villanueva (running for a senate seat)

Please note that I cannot personally vouch for the, but please consider them for what you believe they can do for the country.

Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!


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