When You Are Running on Empty

Aug 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

You need to get filled!

That is the bottomline of this post. Ever wonder why in the Bible there are a lot of mentions of people being filled with the Holy Spirit. I think its because you and me are empty that is why we need to get filled.

There will be a time that you and I will run on empty. There’s just nothing. You’re in a rut. You get depressed and frustrated. It happens to others and it will happen to you that’s for sure. And when that happens, we will need to know how to access THE source of the refill.

When people are in such situations, their coping mechanisms trigger and if we are not in the proper perspective the result may be negative. Some will resort to binge eating, drinking alcohol, and all kinds of harmful activities.

That is why it is important that you have sources to refill yourself when you are down and out. You need to be filled with with good words, emotions and actions. Here are a few:

1. Jesus. He is the ultimate source. All good things come from Him. When you are at your lowest point, only Jesus can set you free. You need to get to know Him. He is ever present in times of trouble. When you reach out to Him, you will not be ashamed. Jesus can fill you like you can ever imagine.

2. A best friend. Everybody needs a best friend. The Bible says a friend sticks closer than a brother. Your best friend should be a good listener. He can provoke you to express yourself in a good way. He can fill you with encouragement and prayer. A best friend is a good thing.

3. Do charity work. Nothing works better than helping others out. It is refreshing to see yourself giving somebody hope and encouragement. You can join a disaster relief effort or visit the elderly in a hospice. There are so many opportunities.

4. Read. Check out your Bible daily and then make sure that you read a non-fiction title. There are so many good books out there and cheap too! Books can refill you with things that a friend or charity work can provide. It can open a whole new level of awareness of many things. Try it!

Being empty is dangerous. It can grind you to a halt that some may not be able to recover from. You need to be continually filled. You need to also learn to quickly see the signs that you will get empty. The best way not to run on empty is to recognize it.

Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!

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