What’s in Your Heart?

Aug 16, 2011 | Uncategorized

Many things you may say. But what is on top? The one that you hold truly dear. Is it your spouse (I hope they are near the top if you are married) ? Your kids? Your house? Or even your car (some people name their cars) ?

If you said yes to any I mentioned above then maybe its time for a re-evaluation. 1 John 5:21 says, “Dear children, keep away from anyhing that might take God’s place in your heart.”

Now, look again. Do you hold God dear in your heart? He should be! He created you. Cared for you. Provided for you. Often in ways you may have not noticed, seen or heard? How do keep God in your heart? Let me offer you five thoughts:

First, Jesus needs to be there, in you heart.

Second, seek His will for your life.

Third, come to Him for guidance.

Fourth, run to Him when you are in trouble.

Fifth, talk to Him like you talk to a best friend.

Obviously, these are not just the way and THE way. This can be a start.

Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!


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