We Need Committed Discipleship in 2023

Jan 1, 2023 | Edwin Arceo, Faith

committed discipleship

Welcome to the New Year, 2023! This year may be a make or break season for the Gospel and for those who believe in it. Why do I say this? I believe that Millennials and Gen Z believers need discipleship more than we may think or  imagine.

Many churches have traditionally reached out to the youth in their evangelistic efforts. Except for the big churches who have a structured approach to discipling young people (think CCF or Victory), small churches continue to struggle in this arena. The pastor typically delegates—if there is one to delegate to in the first place—to a younger leader the responsibility of reaching out to the current generation. Problems will arise for this young leader if his attention is divided in matters of school, career, or family. If this leader is not properly mentored and discipled in a meaningful way, all his efforts will become futile. This situation can cause demoralization, demotivation, and discouragement. That is why pastors need to be intimately involved in discipleship more than ever.

The lack of a committed discipler in the church will make for a lot of strays in the flock. Seeds will inevitably fall by the wayside or thorny and rocky places instead of good soil and can be exacerbated by a lack of a properly discipled leader. Young people are easily swayed by false teachings coupled with the pleasures, convenience and temptations of this age. It is therefore imperative that a proper, consistent, and committed discipleship effort be one of the top priorities of the pastor. He needs to get it right, because there will be many issues that will compete for it. Just the matter of taking care of current members will need a lot of time and effort. There will be conflicts to manage, resources to raise, programs to create, that can cause to make dicipleship to be set aside in favor of more “pressing” matters.

The lack of a committed discipler in the church will make for a lot of strays in the flock.

If the pastor will not take the time to choose and disciple someone who will follow in his footsteps as he follows Christ, he will be in for a lot of frustration, wasting resources along the way. Pray that God will raise committed disciples in our churches as well as disciplers that will mentor them

This call is not for pastors and leaders alone. It’s a call to everyone of us. Remember, Jesus did not have to organize and plant a church to start discipling the 12. He chose them and took the time to mentor them. He was involved in their lives intimately for three and a half years. It means we need to choose and take the time to disciple people. This made sure that when the time came for Jesus to leave His discples, they will be ready.

Friend, are you ready to disciple?

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