Things I m Thankful For Part 3

Feb 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

By Bettinna Carlos

In continuation of my previous week’s column, here are the other things I am thankful for as I turn 30.

16. I praise God for removing my driver of three years. It revived my patience in doing errands on my own like driving myself and Gummy where we need and want to go. It also stripped me off of entitlement.

Looking back, I now understood that Nonie was taken away because I would no longer need Him. Four months after his farewell, I lost the only reason I need a driver: I no longer had tapings for TV shows. God really knows what we need and what we do not. Praise You, Jesus!

17. I praise God for replacing the driver I lost, who also was my delivery guy, with a full capacity courier company that approached. The company delegated eight riders for the sole delivery of my All Mine Chocolate Cake, which is the first cake to be offered for door-to-door delivery.

With his generosity, the owner, Lindee Yu, even purchased new motors with customized carrier boxes to carry and safely deliver my fragile cakes. I felt so undeserving of such investment. I Praise God for being the God who knows our needs and who is the Master of all—who gives and takes away and who when He gives, gives in full.

18. I praise God for the unreasonable landlord I had, who was instrumental in shaping a more steadfast, enduring and surrendered heart in me.

That time when I was treated unfairly, I was crying to the Lord for the injustice I felt and He comforted me by assuring that He is the God who perfectly knows my needs and that there really are people who are not fair, but He is. Peace only reigned in my heart the moment I surrendered that predicament to Him.

19. I praise God for my intelligent and diligent daughter—Gummy became the class and level Valedictorian last school year. We study only when she has quizzes and long exams and I cover her in prayer daily for her concentration and careful reading and answering.

There was never pressure to get high grades but I am always pleased to see her marks high—if not perfect. She delivered a seven-minute speech in thanksgiving to God for guiding us academically. It’s in moments like this that I beam in inevitable pride—knowing that despite being a solo parent who juggles several jobs, I manage to tutor her myself and it all pays off in the end. Her GWA (general weighted average) was 98.97 and most grades are at 100. I’m not proud. I am grateful. I have never had grades of 100 my entire academic life!

20. I praise God for three free trips abroad last year. They were all for speaking engagements but with the privilege of bringing along my daughter and another member of our family. We have been to Singapore twice and Bangkok once. What joy to receive such favor from Our Father.

21. I am thankful for my peaceful and graceful exit from Idol Sa Kusina and GMA 7. I know it was by God’s Grace and Blessings of Protection alone that such has happened. Bidding goodbye is always difficult and I praise Jesus because no ties were severed. Relationships prevailed over contracts.

22. I thank God for opening up more avenues for me to share my testimony as a Single Mother and to minister to young ladies. In 2017 I had the privilege to speak in Inspire Church, Freedom Fest in Bicol and Republic Cement’s CSR engagements in Taysan Batangas. This 2018, I am looking forward to sharing to hundreds of women at the Color Me Ladies Conference in Cebu.

23. I thank God for new friendships. I thank Him for bringing godly and friendly people my way. Truthfully, I am shy to make friends and I am content with the one best friend that I have and my circle of mentors and spiritual family. But I praise God for allowing new friendships to form, as well as filtering and weeding out the ones that are not glorifying to Him. One new friend I am blessed to have is Jennifer Tan-Chi, who has unknowingly taught me to give more grace—to others and myself.

The counting continues! More blessings to be told!

“Give thanks in ALL things for this is the will of Christ Jesus in you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Bettinna Carlos or Mummy Bite [Bee-té] or Bites is a modern, single, Christian, working mom. Everything she does is for the Lord and her 5-year-old gummy bear, Amanda [or Gummy]. She starts her day with prayer and devotionals which she shares on Instagram, with the hopes of bringing more people to Jesus. 

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