The Sin of David

Feb 24, 2012 | Uncategorized

David and Bathsheba, 1640, by Artemisia Gentileschi, Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio

Even great men of God fall. That is a sad truth. What more those who are “not” so great?

David had a unique relationship with God. He had been personally chosen, handpicked rather, to become king of Israel. Even in this relationship with God, David still fell into sin. Did God not foresee what David will do in in the future? God in His omniscience would have known but it still comes down to our will and the choices that we make.

David enjoyed God’s presence. He can inquire of God’s will easily. He had many ways. Through the prophets, the ephod, even his own asking. In this instance it seems that David did not even hesitate to follow the craving of his flesh. In the New Living Translation of 2 Samuel 11, in verse 2, it was said there that Bathsheba was of unusual beauty. He also finds out that she is the wife of a Hittite. They are not even Israelites, at least to my limited knowledge.

David asked for her, got her to the palace and slept with her. Did David had second thoughts? There was no indication.

Some said that it happened when David was idle. Probably got tired of war one after another that he decided to take a breather. He was the king after all. He was entitled to it right? But he also let his spiritual guard down.

We always do. And that is when our enemy, the devil strikes.

It was a rapid sequence of events. Our craving for sin would be so much that we sometimes cannot get a handle on it and we fall into it. After the act is done when we then realize our wrongdoing. We either feel guilt and bring us to repentance to God or we choose to go all the way–even with the consequence.

You, yes you, which will you choose? Wallow in guilt thinking how can God ever forgive you from your sin? Or realize that God is merciful and full of grace? Yes, there will be consequences of sin, just like what David had. In the end, isn’t being with God all that matters? Let us not hesitate to come to God when we sin, just like David when he was confronted with his sin. One thing I realize is to be even more alert when we are in times of plenty and rest. Let us not put our guard down. The devil will strike.


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