The Power of Systematic Investment

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By Vic and Avelynn Garcia

In our last article, I discussed with you the different kinds of Moneyger. I hope you already determine which type are you.

This time, let me teach you the Power of Systematic Savings.

Here’s how: Assuming you are 21 years old now, or you have a 21-year-old son or daughter and you’re earning around P10,000 a month. Out of this monthly income, you believe you need to save at least 20 percent of it each month. So, that’s about P2,000 a month.

In one year, you are able to save P24,000 if you consistently set aside that 20 percent for 12 consecutive months. Now, you decide to put this money in an investment that will earn 10% per annum. May question is, may investment na  nagbibigay ng 10 percent per annum? Mayroon! At Pag hindi mo alam, ang tawag dyan ay  lack of knowledge or kakulangan sa kaalaman. (Please refer to Unleash the Highest Potential of Your Money Series #1 article).

Let’s just assume that you put your money in an investment that will give you 10% per annum. Alam mo ba na pag age 30 ka na, with this assumption where you are able to save P24,000 a year, you’ll be able to save 382,000.00 pesos in nine years!

Continue the 2,000 savings and invest it and at age 35, you’ll even be richer by having 762,000 pesos na! And by the time you’re 40, you are already a millionaire with 1.3 million pesos!

Here’s the better news. When you reach the golden age, you already have P3.9 million pesos in your savings. Let’s move forward, say, 10 years later or at age 60 and you’re about to retire, you already have P10.6 million pesos. If this materializes, I’m sure you won’t feel excited about the retirement pay your company would give you. With your millions of pesos savings, barya na lang iyon sa’yo!

Didn’t you just allot 20 percent of your monthly income for your savings? Magkano ulit?! You just saved P2,000 a month consistently. Yes, consistency is the key in investment, my friend! Imagine, by the time you’re 60, ang dami-dami mo nang pera—milyon-milyon na!”

But come to think of it, despite you being a millionaire at age 60, with that assumption, from 21 to 60 years old, P10,000 ang suweldo mo and there’s no salary increase?! Puwede ba iyon?! Siyempre hindi! This is too small for an income of almost 40 years of working—no overtime pay, no bonus, no productivity bonus or whatsoever, not even 13th month pay?! Partida pa yan! This is the secret of the rich people.  So if you don’t do it, nothing like this will happen to you!

Let’s be more realistic and change our assumption. Say, you have a salary increase. This is what’s going to happen to you: Let’s still assume you’re allotting 20 percent of your salary a month and put it in an investment that gives you 10% per annum. This time, there’s a five-percent increase each in your regular income.


(Table illustration © by Unleash International Corporation)


The table shows the computation with salary increase. As I earlier mentioned, with your P10,000 monthly salary, you can raise an amount of P6.9 million at age 60 and P33 million by the time you’re 65. Take note, 10,000.00 pesos palang ang pinag uusapan nating sweldo with 5% annual incease!

What’s my point? Here, we are just assuming and basing our computation for a low-paying income compared to what you are actually receiving to date. Can you imagine if you haven’t started saving all these years? Saan ka kaya pupulutin? But the good news is, you can start today!

Let me share with you the secret of life:

It’s not important how much you earn but’s how much you save.

Yes, what you earn is not the basis of your success in the future. What matters most is your consistency in setting aside a portion of you income and experience the power of systematic investment.

Surely many of you have already earned their million/s. But then again, it’s not important how huge you’ve already earned—it’s the amount you have saved. Meaning, even if you are just receiving a minimum pay a month, if you know how to save your money, you’ll have a bright future ahead. Promise!

If you didn’t find your salary range in the given table, worry not. Below is another table. Just fill out the blanks provided and see the computations of your future wealth:



(Table illustration © by Unleash International Corporation)

Let’s say you’re 30 years old at present (refer to the red box), 30 years later, you would have saved an ample amount of 6.9 million (refer to the blue box).  Some would even say, “Eh, sir, 40 na ko, mga 20 years na lang ako magta-trabaho.” By this time, you would have had 3.2 million (refer to the pink box) in your savings.

Take note, we’re talking about a salary of 10 to 15 thousand a month. So, if your salary is within this range, you can get that much if you start now. Don’t wait ‘til you get 50 years old because your problem will be: as you get older each year, your potential to earn millions decreases. Kaya hangga’t maaga, simulan na!

As you learn and apply the Power of Systematic Investment in your life, teach your children (if any) as early as now, as young as they are. Don’t wait ‘til your kids get employed or before they learn about saving for the future. They can start RIGH NOW!

Let me share with you the Power of Systematic Investment for kids. Assuming you taught your child to save P5 a day. See below what will happen:


(Table illustration © by Unleash International Corporation)

He started with just P5 at an early age and by the time he turns 50, his coin could become 1.5 million (refer to the table above). P5 palang yun! My kids, they have their own bank account. Each cash gift they receive doesn’t actually go directly to them—we put it in the bank. At present, I have four (4) children – ages 19, 15, 12 and 1.

Imagine if all your children will follow the Power of Systematic Saving, estudyante pa lang yan! When the time comes and they finish their studies, do you think they will stop saving? NO! I believe, most of the kids, if they do this, by the time they’re 25 they will be millionaires. How would you like your children to be millionaires?

You know what? Every time we discuss this to our participants during seminars, they would always tell us, “Bakit ngayon ka lang, dumating sa buhay ko?” And sometimes, they even sing to us: “Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko, pilit binubuksan ang sarado ko nang bangko…” This is no joke! Especially to those who think they are already old, they’d tell us had they started young, they could have been rich by now. But here’s what I’ll tell you…you may have just known this system now but you can still work it up.

Remember, it’s never too late to start your journey towards a life of financial success, happiness and significance.  It is God’s design for us to experience a life of abundance.

I want to remind you once again what  the scripture says, … he who gathers little by little makes it grow. Proverbs 13:11

Unleash your highest potential_book cover for web(Excerpted from Vic Garcia’s upcoming book Unleash the Highest Potential of Your Money)

Vic Garcia is currently the President and CEO of Unleash International Corporation, a high-tech, high-touch, high-impact training company whose main mission is to unleash the highest potential in people towards success, happiness, and significance through licensed and originally authored, world-class, high-impact training programs.

Vic has been in the business for more than 20 years and has gained the trust and confidence of countless organizations. He is also the author of the Unleash Workbook and Unleash Learning Systems. His area of competence varies from work and life improvement, financial management, leadership, system, productivity, teambuilding, and other specialized seminars that will unleash the highest potential in people. He served as a consultant and a management coach to a number of CEOs and leaders of different companies. He is often invited to different television and radio programs to share his expertise in unleashing the highest potential in people.

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