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Nov 21, 2012 | Uncategorized

Apple has four gaming devices, namely, the iPhone (4s/5), the iPod Touch, the iPad Mini and the iPad (1/2/3/4). These devices can play most of the games being sold (or given out) at the App Store. Are they equal on all fronts. I don’t think so.

Let me get out of the way and say that I think the iPad Mini would be the best Apple gaming device.  Let me tell you why.

#1 The iPhone and iPod Touch has too small a screen. With the 3.5″ screen on the 4S and now the iPhone 5’s 4″, gaming is hard on most of the games I have bought for my iPad. Yes, you can actually play Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, Toy Defense, ZombieWood, etc., but its hard. I may be feeling this way because i have glasses with a higher than normal rating (my eye glass rating is +1.2 or 1,200, regular reading glasses are usually +.125) but the graphics are really…really small.

I do think that Temple Run is better played with the iPhone/iPod Touch than with the iPad but I’ve stopped downloading games to the iPhone. Heck, my youngest son has given up playing on the iPhone and only uses it if the iPad is not available to him.

#2 The original iPad and the succeeding generations are too heavy for intense AND continuous gaming. Especially the original iPad. You’re wrist can easily tire. I can’t speak for the 2nd, 3rd or even the 4th gen iPad but there are alot of 1st gen ipad out there. Yes, you can put the iPad down but that would not really be a great gaming experience.. The iPad’s 9.7″ screen is great for gaming no doubts there, but there are games that is harder to play on such big a screen, Temple Run for me is one of them. Angry Birds is really great on the iPad, same with Toy Defense, Where’s My Water and many others.

And here is why I think the iPad Mini would be the best iGaming platform. Based on the published specs, press releases and public reviews: 7.9″ screen, A5 chip, .68 lbs., and access to the over 275,000 apps and games on the App store. The Mini’s screen is slightly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has a 7″ screen. I’ve held it and am familiar with its weight. Its light.

The Mini would be lighter, ergo, longer gaming time before your wrist gets sore and your shoulders aching and the screen would be easier on the eyes, especially mine. Setting aside processor and graphics speed, LTE, front and back cameras, the weight and screen of the iPad Mini, for me, is a better iGaming experience.

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