The Book of Luke

Apr 2, 2011 | Uncategorized

Reading the book of Luke with an expectation of what God will give is a blessing. I just truly understood what I learned in Bible school about how this book was written to show the servanthood of Jesus. How He came to serve and not to be served. How He had so much compassion for those who are in bondage of sin and sickness.

The 8th chapter of Luke is one such example of Jesus’s love for us. There is the one part  when He healed a demon-possessed man starting in verse 26.Or the woman who was bleeding continuously for 12-years, who touched Him by faith starting in verse 40 and afterwards the healing of the daughter of the synagogue ruler, Jairus. In this chapter alone, Jesus showed utmost compassion for the sake of others.

Another unexpected attitude from Jesus is when He made a discourse on loving your enemies that can be found starting in Luke 6:27. Jesus even emphasized this twice in the same chapter. Its hard to do but Jesus shows us that we can do it–loving our enemies–and it is not impossible.

Jesus loves us so much that He had to come to this earth in a fragile form to direct us to His Father in heaven. He showed abounding love for everyone, high or low, and had compassion to everyone. Jesus loves you and me.

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