The Blessing of Coming and Going

Mar 23, 2011 | Uncategorized

In Genesis 47 verses 7 and 10, I noticed this act of Jacob when he came for a courtesy visit to Pharaoh immediately after arriving in Egypt.  This is how it was said in the New Living Translation:

v. 7, “Then Joseph brought in his father, Jacob, and presented him to Pharaoh. And Jacob blessed Pharaoh.

v. 10, “Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh again before leaving his court.

Jacob blessed Pharaoh when he came and went from Pharaoh! I find that this attitude of Jacob very inspiring and I hope to start emulating it. I believe that when we do this, especially in places where it is our first time to come, is a great way to show Christ’s love. Wherever we go, we should bless that place and all that is in it. We need to declare God’s salvation, love and grace. Even healing and prosperity. We do this because we love God and want others to be blessed also.

Jacob was already 130 years old when this happened. I think he did this all the time and not an exception to this period only. I do not know if it is already tradition during that time but it is very refreshing to read. I hope that more and more Christians will discover this act and start doing it too. We need to be always a channel of blessing to others, not only to the body of Christ but also to those who have not believed yet in Jesus as their personal LORD and Savior. It is a great testimony.

As Jacob experienced, he gained Pharaoh’s favor after visiting and blessing him. What does Pharaoh need from Jacob anyway? Jacob was there to escape the famine that was ravishing the countryside of Egypt and Canaan in the first place. He obviously needed to be courteous to his host but he went further by actually blessing him.

By blessing others, we become blessed also.

Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!

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