Testimony or Hospital?

May 17, 2014 | Uncategorized


I write this post with the St. Luke’s Global City Emergency Entrance security guard beside me. You see, about thirty-minutes ago, I was suffering from severe stomach pains. Right in the gut. I tried weather it for about two hours and texted friends and colleagues for prayer.

To say that the pain was intense is an understatement (for me probably). It was the first time I  experienced such pain. When it was painful, I tried twisting around and it made the pain more painful. I was already having loose bowel movements and about five times already and I was writhing in pain in the restroom stall, all alone. <sniff> <sniff> I was already hitting the concrete wall with my fists with the pain was at its peak and agonising.

There seemed to be no relief in sight and I was already preparing myself to be taken to the hospital. I was trying to hold on.

And then it dawned on me. When the pain started and increased in intensity, I was not asking God. We were on the last day of our LIVE telethon and was doing social media stuff to promote the program. I was also taking pictures for the next day’s recap.

So I started praying. I also texted friends and a few colleagues to pray for me. Many responded that they will. Thanks guys! Bothering you was worth it.

I have been sitting outside the emergency room entrance as I’ve mentioned at the start, now already an hour. There was some pain a few moments ago but it was easily bearable.

I believe that what came up to my healing was a challenge I asked God. I said, “Lord please heal me!” Me and my staff have been updating  our viewers of people who were getting healed at the show. They were testifying on air!  I said, “God, please let this time be my healing. Its really painful and I do not want to go to the hospital. Please give me this one.”

Oh by-the-way, I also asked for forgiveness from God for the sins I have committed today. Sin is a hindrance to getting you prayers answered so I got that out of the way.

And then the pain struck again. I was in my cubicle. I think my fellow workers were hearing because the pain was REALY intense. I dialled our reception and asked if there was a driver who can take me to the hospital because it was really bad. There was! But I had to wait for a few more minutes while I got all my stuff prepared, computer, tablet, cables and checked if I had money.

Then the driver came. Before we left I had to take another trip to the bathroom, nothing came out. I thought I was getting dehydrated. And so we left. During the ride, there was no pain. I really did not notice it because I was talking with the driver what I just experienced.

Before I got dropped off the entrance, I started noticing that there was still no pain. I was kinda bracing myself for its onslaught. So when i got off, I sat on the seats beside the guard and here I am writing this testimony of God’s goodness.

I really wanted this to be a testimony, not a sob story of how much pain I went through and I declare it right now that it was and I GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO GOD IN HEAVEN!

Thank you LORD for the healing and for praying friends!

Ok, I need to go home now. Shhh…Please don’t tell my wife, she doesn’t know it yet. 😎

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