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Mar 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

amazon-cloud-driver-600x2941By Edwin D. Arceo

One of the most nightmarish scenario for any photographer (or any person for that matter) is to find out that you lost precious photos due to the absence of or a faulty backup. Being a photographer, I cannot even imagine this happening to me. That is why you will find in our office and in my house multiple hard drives lying around containing the photos I have taken through the years.

That is why I have been in search of decently priced and reliable backup solutions. Yes, its plural. We are talking about moments that we cannot get back to anymore. “Kodak” moments frozen in a digital JPG file.

There are so many ways to do a backup. My personal setup is verrry simple. They are stored in just one 2Tb hard drive. The best practice to have a duplicate of this hard drive but I have not been able to afford another one yet…and another one offsite. Then another set online. Backing up files is a serious business.

And here is where it gets interesting. I’m going to tell you about Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

Amazon, yes the Amazon that sells books and all sort of stuff has a cloud service called Amazon Web Services. Now their particular storage service is much like all other “pro” packages from Dropbox, Box, Google, Amazon, Backblaze, CrashPlan, etc. For a fee you get unlimited storage. Like everyone, Amazon provides desktop and mobile apps to upload your files, in this case, my photos, via the internet. These cloud storage providers have their own unique offerings which you may want to check for yourself.

What makes Amazon’s different and in my opinion a deal breaker is that they have an unlimited plan just for photos. Here’s the best part, it only costs $11.99 A YEAR! or $.99 a month. In pesos that is just like 45 to 47 pesos a month. That’s huge for me and the biggest reason why I have already taken on the three month trial and will definitely pay for it after.

Of course, other services are faster, offer more features but my photos are the most important digital files for me. And I need to be able to afford storing it someplace safe. And Amazon is safe, just like Google’s or CrashPlans’s or Dropbox’s. Besides, I already do Time Machine backups for my Mac and other files are stored, more aptly, archived in hard drives  which I may not need anymore

Here is a screenshot of my Amazon Cloud Drive dashboard showing how much I have uploaded.

Here is a screenshot of my Amazon Cloud Drive dashboard showing how much I have uploaded.

As I write this, I have uploaded over 1,400 photos, about 4.7Gb, a paltry amount considering that I have over 1.6Tb of potential uploads. But then, that is the main challenge of all online storage services–upload time. If you have LTE and you have an”unlimited” plan you’ll be able to finish your uploads faster than those on DSL (like me). But I have the patience to do it. 😎

BOTTOMLINE: So if you are looking for an affordable online backup solution (Dropbox is not a backup solution), and you are a photographer, or you just want to to have a safe place for all your SELFIEs, I highly recommend Amazon Cloud Drive as long as you have a decent internet connection and 45 pesos every month.

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