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Bottomline: If you are upgrading from an iPhone 5 there is not so much to appreciate except for the new colors. Its the same A6 processor, retina screen, and other innards, with of course, iOS 7 coming with the package. So better wait for iPhone 6 next year. If you are coming from an iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S, then that is a different issue altogether.

121513 iphone 5c-712 - for webMy quest for a new iPhone started after my 10-month-old iPhone 4S got pick pocketed last August. Being upset may be an understatement, I wasn’t even done paying for it. But that is the past. I gotta move on. What I only had to replace it was a cheap, plastic myPhone. Now, don’t get me wrong. It was phone that could achieve the basics: calling and texting. Using it was a different matter. I don’t want to go there, this is after all an iPhone review.

Let me start by saying that the build quality of the iPhone 5C is superb! My fears were unsubstantiated of it feeling cheap and under quality. I was totally wrong. But as with any product there are some undesirables.

The iPhone 5C can do anything what its more expensive sibling, the iPhone 5S can do, save for the Touch ID button. And the faster processor, A7 with 64-bit architecture…<sigh>

But this is not an iPhone 5S review.

Apps perform snappily. Games suffer no hiccup however heavy the graphics requirements maybe. iOS 7 is beautiful and I have yet to experience that headache some people experience supposedly from its use of parallax effects in its wallpapers. The form factor is almost the same as the iPhone 5 it replaces even though here in the Philippines it is still selling and still more expensive than the 5C. Its really the colorful case that sets it apart.

I chose blue for my case. I’ve always loved blue. I even have a shirt that matches beautifully with it that I wore last Friday. 😎121513 iphone 5c-711 - for web

As colorful as the polycarbonate case maybe, it is not impervious to drops. It does not scratch easily though which is one of the issues I researched online. So be warned that if you ever dropped the iPhone, it will dent. <wink>

The case is also easy to grip but if your hands are oily, you’ll muck up the case in not time. When its allclean and tidy, it can also slip from your hands. Seeing all the huge smartphone screens nowadays, which is almost the norm, I agree with Apple’s principle that you should be able to operate your phone with one hand which I do rather frequently. If I had say, the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note or Tab, I’d be required to use two hands. Not with the iPhone.

The iSight camera is also very good and one of the best cameras i’ve seen in a smartphone. Couple the phone with all the cool photography apps that you’re ready to roll! <ahem> So I’m pretty happy with the iPhone 5C.

Yes, the case is not gold, silver or space gray. It does not have Touch ID (which I heard is not that “mature” yet) but for everything else its all set to provide me my daily dose of “Likes,” “Tweets,” “Follows,” music, tasks, bible reading, notes, games and everything a smartphone was designed to be.

By the way, I bought my unit in the gray market. This means it is cheaper than those sold by the telcos (really cheaper) and the authorized sellers. It was my first time to buy from a shop who peddles their wares in but my apprehensions are totally gone after making this first purchase.

So that’s it…my review of the iPhone 5C!

iPhone 5c photos by (c) 2013 Edwin D. Arceo

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