Victory Worship to Release “Rise Heart” on October 20

Oct 17, 2015 | Uncategorized

Rise Heart_AL_Digital Poster WIDE for webBy Edwin D. Arceo

I was honored to be invited to the media meet-up of Victory Worship for the launch of their latest adventure, “Rise Heart”!

Hosted by Every Nations’ Media Manager and Saved on Energy FM’s James Michael Ganns Deen, we got to know the people behind the CD, its journey and where its going. I’m going to let you know this early that their desire is to produce an album every year. Executive Producer, Ptr. Julius Fabregas, emphasized that they are doing this kind of ministry to spur other Christian groups to produce music that not only glorifies God but can also be embraced by mainstream media.

A Call to Worship

“‘Rise Heart’ is a call to worship,'” explains Ptr. Julius. “We want our songs to inspire people to know and follow Jesus, and we believe that “Rise Heart” will touch people’s hearts in a very special way to lead them in that direction.

Rise Heart was recorded live at the Every Nation sanctuary in Bonifacio Global City and contains 13 tracks, including six that were composed Every Nation Music songwriters.

Among the tracks are the radio singles “Rise Heart,” featuring the VoicePH 2013 quarterfinalist Isa Fabregas; my personal favorite, “Dance in Freedom,” written and sung  by Yan Asuncion, who co-wrote “Radical Love”; and “Lost With You,” a radio-friendly, pop/R&B piece originally performed by the Freedom Band, Victory Worship’s Every Nation “label-mates” from South Africa.

After first listening to the tracks that the team provided the people in the media meetup, I was quickly impressed by the depth of talent that the CD has to offer. You may mistake it from popular contemporary Christian bands Hillsong or PlanetsShakers but upon closer listening you’ll know its definitely unique and Filipino (there’s no British accent).

We need to support productions like these that bring the majesty of Christ in our popular culture. People who may not know Christ can be drawn through this music, especially the young people. Pray that Victory Worship will continue to be anointed by God to produce more of these CDs for the glory of His name.

The CD should be available nationwide on October 20 at leading music shops. “Rise Heart” is Victory Worship’s follow up to their gold-selling debut album, “Radical Love.”

Check out 30-second snippets from the album below!

My God


Lost Without You


Many Waters


Forever Be


Ruler of Nations


Blessing and Honor


Rise Heart


Pour Us Out


Everlasting Glory


Reign Forever


Lay It Down


Dance in Freedom


The Story Behind the Song: “Dance in Freedom”


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