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Sep 26, 2012 | Uncategorized

The Bible I mean. On this day, September 26, 2012, I officially finish reading the whole New Living Translation of the Bible. It was no mean feat. I was supposed to finish in 365 days. Guess how long I took? I started reading it last January 21, 2011 up till this morning. I think it was a little over 20 months.

Some may scoff at me on why I had to blog this but I think this is a major milestone for me. Its not about being able to brag that I finished reading the whole Bible. For me its all about learning to love reading the Word of God. Its about getting a better understanding on what the Bible is saying to me. Its also about discipline, devotion and growing up.

Having a Bible in your bookshelf does not make you a Christian or mature, and for that matter, saved.

I have been a Christian for 23 years now exactly this month, September. And all those years, iI have not been faithful in reading my Bible. I’ve got Bibles at home and they are all gathering dust in my bookshelf. Small ones and big ones. Some, I must admit, have been bought as if they are trophies. “Hey, I’ve got a big New King James Study Bible in my shelf! Im mature now!” If it can only be that easy.

Having a Bible in your bookshelf does not make you a Christian or mature, and for at matter, saved. When I was growing up, we had this thick, black Bible that I often read. I read it like a comic book, especially the story of David and his fight with Goliath. I was amazed at the exploits of King David and his army. I was dazzled by the creation story. Did my reading helped me become a follower of Jesus today? I would believe so! It was a seed planted in my heart.

Now that I finished reading the whole Bible, what should I do next? Do I stop? Certainly not! I need to go back to those verses that made an impact on me. I need to “discover” new ones. I did not memorize all of it but it gave me a certain kind of familiarity with the Word of God that i will need to go back reading to it again and again. There is still sooo much to learn.

I love God. I hope I can demonstrate my love for Him by reading His word everyday and learning and knowing His plan for you and me. When tomorrow comes, i’ll be starting again. 😎

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