Peace Through Prayer

Jan 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

By Scott Ross

Psalm 122:6 (NIV), “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you.”

Greetings all – for your consideration.

Each new year people make resolutions and many hope for peace in the world. Admirable. But I don’t know how many are aware that peace in the world hinges on one city—the city of Jerusalem.

The following, from one of my mentors in the faith, Derek Prince (now with Jesus, buried in Jerusalem) states that ultimate world peace will not come until it comes first to Jerusalem.

“God requires all His people from every nation, every background, to be concerned about the peace of this one particular city. That city is Jerusalem. Those words of exhortation to prayer are addressed to all people of God who believe the Bible. God says we are all expected to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

Many may disagree with this exhortation and conclusion but for those who embrace Scripture as God’s Word, there is no plan “B.”

In the days ahead watch as the nation’s fight and war with one another and search for peace, but ultimately the bottom line will come down to and culminate in this city Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem is going to send all the nations reeling as they gather around her…Jerusalem will be an immovable rock…Jerusalem will remain intact in her place.” Zechariah 12

“God adds a beautiful promise that if we love Jerusalem and pray for her peace, we shall prosper. That word translated “prosper” means not primarily material prosperity, but it means to be at ease, to be relaxed, to be free of worry and concern and care. And the secret of that is being united in heart with God’s purpose.

God’s purpose is peace and blessing and restoration for Jerusalem and for the nation of Israel, and as we unite in prayer with God’s purpose then we enter into His plan of prosperity, of peace. We are at rest in a world of turmoil.

The reason why God requires us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem is that in His perfect plan the peace and the prosperity of all nations depends upon that of Jerusalem. So it’s in our own interest, it’s for our own good that we are concerned for the peace of Jerusalem that we pray for Jerusalem’s peace, because when Jerusalem enjoys peace, all nations will enjoy peace. And until that time no nation can enjoy true and lasting peace.”

 “Take no rest, all you who pray. Give the Lord no rest until He makes Jerusalem the object of praise throughout the earth.” Isaiah 62

“The Lord shall again …choose Jerusalem.” Zechariah 1


Scott Ross has won Billboard and Angel Awards for excellence in radio and television. He was also nominated for two Ace Awards for the Straight Talk TV show. Scott has a reputation for confronting challenges head on — putting problems in God’s perspective. His unique interviewing style gets people talking candidly about sensitive subjects.

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