Our Father: Six Songs That Put the Lord’s Prayer to Music

Jun 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

By Ganns Deen

Worshippers throughout history have put Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4, known to most of us as The Lord’s Prayer, into music. The most popular version, sung in churches throughout the world, is the song written by American composer Albert Hay Malotte, who composed the beautiful hymn in 1935. Since then, many of the greatest names in pop music, opera, and Contemporary Christian music have sung Malotte’s classic hymn, while other artists have taken Jesus’ words and put them to their own song. Here are five great versions you may want to give a listen to.

Andrea Bocelli, “The Lord’s Prayer”
Blind tenor Andrea Bocelli sang The Lord’s Prayer as a featured artist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the latter’s 1993 release, “Faith of Our Fathers.”

Jackie Evancho, “The Lord’s Prayer”
Renowned producer David Foster helped produce Jackie Evancho’s version of The Lord’s Prayer for the young soprano’s 2011 release, Dream With Me.

Veritas, “The Lord’s Prayer”
Debuting pop/opera group Veritas covered The Lord’s Prayer for its phenomenal debut release of the same title in 2014.

Hillsong Worship, “Our Father”
Hillsong Worship writers Jonas Myrin and Scott and Brooke Ligertwood took the Lord’s prayer and added an original verse and bridge to the song for its new release, No Other Name.

Bethel Music, “Our Father”
Worship leader Jenn Johnson leads Bethel Music on a version of the Lord’s Prayer that remains faithful to the original words; the free worship portion somewhere around the third minute is particularly breathtaking.

BJ Putnam, “Our Father”
Worship leader BJ Putnam, who, in my opinion, has one of the most powerful and underappreciated voices in Contemporary Christian music today, also took the Lord’s Prayer, but put a lot more soul into it, transforming the Lord’s Prayer into a vibrant expression of praise.

Housefires, “Good Good Father”
Housefires’ “Good Good Father” is not an adaptation of the Lord’s Prayer. However, this irresistible worship ballad’s declaration of trust in a God whose goodness and faith to His children is absolutely breathtaking and should be a worthwhile addition to the worship rosters of churches worldwide.

Ganns Deen is a child of God, husband to Caths, and father to Nathan and Nicki. He is passionate about Christian music and tapping the power of the Internet to glorify God and spread the gospel. An award-winning songwriter in his own right, Ganns serves God full time in his capacity as online content supervisor for Victory Philippines. Follow him on Twitter (@ganns) or on his Christian music-themed blog, www.gannsdeen.com.

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