Music Review: Tiny Cactus

Jul 12, 2012 | Uncategorized

Ok let me get this straight, this is my first time to review a band album. Whew! Ok I got that out. I’m not–yet–an expert music reviewer so give me some slack.

Tiny Cactus is a semi-album, at least that is what the cover says. I think it’s because they have six tracks of music. BTW, Tiny Cactus is the name of the album AND the band, composed, in no particular order of, Pao on guitar, TJ on keyboards, A on drums, Justin on vocals, Kari on the other guitar, and Max on bass guitar.


But hey this post is about Tiny Cactus’ music. You know what? I like it!


I’ve known TJ when he wasn’t married yet and still in school. We were together at a medical mission in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1999 where he served as a volunteer. Oh, he also led worship. 😎

BTW, did I tell I also know their mum!

So, I listened to the tracks, which by the way, Justin told me is called “party rock” music. I think this is what reviewers call genre. First off was Pintuan (in English means “door”). Immediately, one will recognize that this is 21st century “young people’s” music, something akin to Eraserheads, Sponge Cola, Cushe, Kamikazee, etc. I don’t mean they sound like those bands, I just mean that they are of that era. Did I mention I’m 42 and grew up on 80s music?

But hey this post is about Tiny Cactus’ music. You know what? I like it! You may say that I may just trying hard to fit in with this kind of music. I don’t think so. I really like ’em. The third track, Chismis, has moral value to boot if you listen closely to the lyrics. I was curious about the fourth track, Captain Planeta. Oh, it’s about a romantic conflict between a boy and, I assume, his girlfriend. Makes sense.

I had my eldest son listen who is denying that he does not like OPM. Well, I think he liked it. I didn’t have to choke him or anything. Tiny Cactus is good so no pressure was needed.

Head out to the band’s Facebook fanpage if you wanna know where to buy the semi-album as it’s not widely available yet.

Good job boys!

07/12/12 UPDATE: I was given a link to Tiny Cactus’ number during GMA’s New Year countdown. Watch below!

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