Music Review: Cucay: Music, Lyrics and Longing

Feb 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

Photo by Edwin Arceo

Photo by Edwin Arceo

By Edwin D. Arceo

I met this young artist outside the Teatrino at The Promenade in Greenhills while waiting for an appointment. I saw first Asia’s Diva, Dulce, who was with her waiting for their respective rides. I greeted Dulce first and she introduced me to Cucay Pagdilao who just finished performing at an event organized by the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) group.

I learned she was a singer after seeing her CD in Dulce’s bag. I asked where I can buy one and Ms. Dulce graciously gave me her copy.

I did not regret it. Hearing the first track of her CD made me conclude that Cucay will go places with her style of music.

Slipping in the CD, I immediately liked the first track, “Sabihin Mo Na”. The music is fast and catchy, very danceable. I believe that this should have been the carrier single 8-). Some of the tracks were rendered acoustically and rendered finely I must say. The tracks, “Die for You” and “No Regrets” had it.

It is very nice to see and hear local talents contribute to the Filipino music scene. Cucay’s CD’s uplifting and positive message definitely gives OPM lovers something to listen that is not just noise but REAL music.

I hope we can all support OPM talents like Cucay. You can LIKE her Facebook page at this link: Please don’t fail to watch the MTV of her carrier single, “Nala” below. Most of all let us support her in her gigs and if you can buy her tracks on iTunes. Just type Cucay and you’ll see her album. Since she is not under any label, you can buy her CD directly from her in her performances.


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