Mula sa Puso 05/08/17 Podcast: Takosa

May 8, 2017 | Uncategorized

By Luisa Ampil-Collopy

Born and raised in the Philippines, Luisa joined Guidelines 18 years ago, after a successful career in luxury hotel management. As Dr. Sala’s right hand, Luisa proved to be a multi-tasking marvel! Today Luisa coordinates Guidelines’ ministry in the Philippines and manages all broadcast media. As Guidelines’ programs are broadcast in an increasing number of languages, Luisa’s responsibility for coordinating all radio translation, production, distribution and relationships have grown! She also translates, voices and produces Darlene Sala’s Encouraging Words commentary in Taglish. Luisa is the author of two books: What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart and When a Man Loves a Woman, (released by OMF). Luisa has raised twin daughters.

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