Leadership Secrets from Sagada 2

Jun 18, 2015 | Cornel Bongco, Lifestyle

Photo by Flickr user  Eisen Jiao licensed under Creative Commons

Photo by Flickr user Eisen Jiao licensed under Creative Commons

By Cornel Bongco

Here is another secret revealed by our hike to Bomod Ok Falls.

The way we equip ourselves determines the efficiency and effectivity we accomplish our tasks!

Before the hike, we were given options on what walking sticks to take, and how many walking sticks to take. I chose walking sticks that were light in weight but easy to grip, knowing that it would be a long hike and a steep one too.

As the descent on one of the steep hills went, it became apparent that the hikers who had two walking sticks were moving more efficiently than the hikers who had just one. Those who had two walking sticks were also moving more effectively than those with just one. The hikers who just had one walking stick moved to the side of the hand that held the walking stick and moved one foot at a time. Those with two sticks maintained their balance better as they did not have to move to just one side. The difference became more pronounced as the ascent on one of the hills began. The hikers with just one walking stick again found it difficult to hike while the hikers with two walking sticks found hiking to be easier with their balance, more stable and therefore the steep climb was a little less scary.

Leaders know that the way they equipped themselves with tangible and intangible resources would make it easier for them as they reach for their dreams and make their vision a reality. Tangible assets would mean finances, equipment and all other resources that could be touched. Intangible assets would include attitude, kindness, creativity and intelligence among others.

The choice to be the best student while we were studying will make it easier for prospective employer/leaders to be able to trust in our abilities, and entrust to us sensitive positions and making sensitive choices. The choice to trust God amidst a difficult situation makes the triumph in that particular situation a walking stick we could grip when times come hard, as we remember what God had done and as we remember He did not abandon us.

For the students, how are you equipping yourselves? Could you cite a particular instance where your faith was tested and afterwards, you came out victorious and you shared the faithfulness of God as you made that faith experience somewhat like a walking stick, making your walk with God more stable and a little less scary?

To the parents, how are you equipping your children to be more productive members of society?

To employers  how is your training budget?  How are you equipping the next generation of leaders in your organization to be problem solvers?


To churches, how is your Kids Ministry? How much resources are allotted for the 4-14 yr old people in the church?


Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!


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