Leadership Secrets from Archery

Sep 29, 2017 | Uncategorized

By Cornel Bongco

I have often wondered why in a verse in the Bible, children were compared to arrows in a quiver. Science may have revealed why.

When an archer pulls the bowstring, he does it with a lot of force. That energy is stored up in the bowstring and then gets transferred to the arrow as the bowstring is released and the force gets transferred to the arrow and the arrow goes to its intended target.

When an archer pulls the bowstring, he does it with a lot of force.

What a wonderful leadership secret! Leaders store for themselves a lot of force! And that force leaders do not keep to themselves but transfers that stored up energy so that the whole organization could be propelled to its intended target!

Leaders need to take time and resources to hone their talents, attitude, skills, and knowledge so that it could be translated into a force to be reckoned with! And by their daily excellent example, leaders intentionally launch these awesome forces of good and gets transferred to the organization as they live out a revitalized company culture!

Parents as they lead their home does exactly the same thing, they gather force, and give their children opportunities so that that force could be transferred to the children as the children journey to their God-given destiny! And that may be why God related children as arrows in the quiver!

Cornel Bongco is in his own words, “a beggar who found Bread and want to share the delicious feast he enjoys.”

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