Leadership Secrets from Archery Part 2

Oct 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

By Cornel Bongco



To gather enough force to propel an arrow to its intended target, the bow needs to be stable and able to take the stress that the bowstring needs to be in so that when an arrow is placed in the bowstring and pulled, the force gathered would be enough to propel an arrow to its intended target!

The bowstring, however, need to be strong and flexible, having the right amount of tension to propel an arrow forward!

Stability and flexibility in the same instrument sounds like a paradox, but yes, it exists in a bow!  What a wonderful leadership secret! This paradox, seemingly reveals that stability and flexibility with the right tension gather enough force to propel an arrow to its intended target. The same principles do the same thing for people and organizations.

Stability is felt when good habits are formed and perpetuated! Good habits are formed when good acts are celebrated constantly! When a good act is celebrated, the values behind such a good act is recognized and reinforced. And when everyone knows that a good act will always be celebrated, it will get repeated! Repeated enough, a good act becomes a good habit and a good habit when constantly recognized and celebrated becomes the character and culture of the organization. And that being constant brings stability to the organization.

Flexibility, on the other hand, recognizes that doing a good act could be done in a million ways. It recognizes that people do a good act in many different ways because it recognizes, values and celebrates the differences that people bring. It celebrates diversity, respects individuality, invites plurality and questions mediocrity.

Combining both stability and flexibility harnesses a powerful force that when transferred to an arrow propels it to its intended target. When both forces are harnessed it is never wasted as it is directed towards one goal to propel the organization to its intended target, which to me is nothing less than success and significance!

Cornel Bongco is in his own words, “a beggar who found Bread and want to share the delicious feast he enjoys.”

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