Jodi Sta. Maria Ran Away from Home Due to Shame and Guilt

Apr 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

Kapamilya actress Jodi Sta. Maria ran away from home out of guilt and shame as she blamed herself for the tragic event that happened to her family.

Watch the rest of the story as CBN Asia presents In my Father’s Arms, at ABS-CBN on Good Friday, April 14 at 5pm for the Holy Week Specials.

Jodi portrays the character of Nikki Villegas, a woman who ran away from home as she blames herself for the death of her father because of her selfishness and disobedience.

Nikki grew up with a loving family and had very close ties to her father up to his last breath. He died trying to protect her and this yielded to Nikki condemning herself, tormenting her conscience and leading her to isolation.

“There are things in life that are really unforgiveable. There are mistakes that you have done in the past that cannot be redeemed and you will always end up blaming yourself for it,” Jodi responded, in vernacular, as her previous conviction when asked about the similarities between her and Nikki.

However, Jodi now believes that “no matter how great we think our sins and mistakes are, God’s love and forgiveness is still greater.”

“I actually feel honored and privileged to be a part of this Holy Week Special. I believe that it is really important to share the message of this story to the audience,” she adds.

In my Father’s Arms Director and Co-writer, Icko Gonzalez expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to work with the actress. “We are really grateful to her for saying yes to the project. You would know that her participating in this project comes from the overflow of her heart, because she really is a perfect example of a transformed life because of the love of God.”

In my Father’s Arms is an original story written by CBN Asia’s EVP-COO, John Valdes Tan who also co-directed the film with Icko Gonzalez.

Together in the film with Jodi Sta. Maria are actors Ana Marin, Bimbo Bautista, TJ Dela Paz, and Eris Aragoza.

Watch Jodi Sta. Maria’s exceptional performance in this story of forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing as CBN Asia presents In My Father’s Arms on April 14, Good Friday, 5PM at ABS-CBN.

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