Jekyll and Hyde

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An evocative tale of the epic battle between good and evil, Jekyll & Hyde is based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story about a brilliant doctor whose experiments with human personality create a murderous counterpart. Convinced the cure for his father’s mental illness lies in the separation of Man’s evil nature from his good, Dr. Henry Jekyll unwittingly unleashes his own dark side, wreaking havoc in the streets of late 19th century London as the savage, maniacal Edward Hyde.” So goes the description of the on-going musicale, Jekyll and Hyde.

Poster grabbed from Repertory Philippines' website. I hope they won't mind. 😎

[dropca]I[/dropcap] was blessed to have been able to watch great theater people perform this musicale. Former The Dawn lead singer, Jett Pangan, played Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde. He alternates with Michael Williams. His love interest in the play, Emma, was performed by Tricia Jimenez, a former The 700 Club Asia co-host and a terrific singer.

Jett and Tricia amazed the audience in attendance with their powerful voice. Jett has not lost his touch. I suddenly remembered one of his bands popular songs in the 80s where Jett had his heyday, Enveloped Ideas. Jett has truly matured in his singing. I loved how he switched voices from Jekyll to Hyde. He even had a decent British accent.

Tricia never disappoints an audience. My wife loves her voice. I can’t blame her. My personal favorite was the part where she sang with the character of Lucy whose name escapes me right now. I got goosebumps when they sang,

I was also amazed at the quality of Junix Inocian’s voice. He was very commanding in his role as Dr. Jekkyll’s lawyer. I must admit that this is the first time I heard him sing and really made an impression on me. Great voice!

The girl that played Lucy Harris’ voice (again, escapes me)  was also a stunner. Her singing was impeccable. First class indeed. Her voice matched the personality of her character, much like Tricia who played her part well as Emma. You can’t switch their roles. The parts were really made for them.

Grabbed from Tricia Jimenez' Facebook page. I hope SHE won't mind. Junix Inocian is the gentleman in the center. 😎

I also want to commend the performance of the “bystanders” in the play. They were everywhere. The creative use of the stage by director Menchu Lauchengco was outstanding! The bystanders gave the play the ambiance that it deserves. Without them, Jekyll and Hyde would not have been as great.

Lastly, an applause to the lighting director. He made the atmosphere of the play truly cinematic. Very masterful use of lights at probably such a tight budget.

May I not forget the musicians who brought life to the songs. They did their part with precision. My applause to the conductor.

You should really check out the play. It is produced by Repertory Philippines. It runs until April 22. Get the details here.

Theater is truly alive and kicking in the Philippines!




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