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Apr 16, 2012 | Uncategorized

Well, I can but that would not be a dramatic title right? 😎

I’ve got an iPad for 15 months now as I write this. It has become an integral part of my daily life. I can live without it (that would be a pain)  but it really makes my life a bit “easier.” I bought the iPad not because it was the hottest new gadget in town. No, I saw its potential to make me more “organized and productive.” When I bring it instead of my 15″ MacBook Pro, my baggage is lighter.

But this post is not about the iPad. Its about the apps (application I run with it) that I use everyday (ok I don’t use some of the apps everyday, there, I said it).

1. Olive Tree Software’s BibleReader: (FREE, comes with the King James Version) I ride a shuttle to commute in the morning and when I plop my butt on the seat, I fire up my iPad and open BibleReader to read my Bible. I have a separate review here on why I use it. I use the New Living Translation BTW and paid for it. Its worth every sentimo.

2. Springpadit: (FREE) This is my notetaking app of choice. I used Evernote before but i ditched it in favor of this one. F

3. Wunderlist: (FREE) A great looking task management app (and there is a lot of them) which can create a lot of lists. The newest version of iOS now have Reminders but I think Wunderlist sill outdo it by a long shot. My tasks are stored in the cloud so I can access it from my notebook and desktop.

4. SG Project: ($9.99) this is a project management software. We have a lot of projects at the office and I use this to track aspects of our project. Its fairly easy to use and I am not an experienced project manager. I can keep track of and update all aspects of a project then I can email a copy to people involved in the project. Not too shabby.

5. Safari: (FREE) Apple’s built web browser. It can get the job done especially if the site you are going to does not have Adobe’s Flash. If I am away from my laptop, and I need to check on something, I fire it up if there is a WIFI connection. My iPad does not have 3G internet access, its probably a good thing.

6. Adobe Reader : (FREE) If  I need to open an Adobe Acrobat file (.PDF) then this free app more than makes up for the paid versions that features a lot of features you won;t really use.

7. Maps! (FREE) I love maps! One survey I read says that maps is the most downloaded and used mobile apps by men. Women use Facebook more often. The built-in Maps app allows me to not get lost. Whenever I go to a place I am not totally familiar, I go to the Maps app while I still have an internet connection, download the map, then I dont close it. It will still be on memory and I can scroll through it. Works for me!

8. WebMd App: (FREE) This app contains valuable health information and most especially, for emergency situations. Whenever I feel something different with my body, I try to consult this app to check out the symptoms. I then use this info to consult with my doctor so that I can be as accurate as I can be.  A word of advice, if you are paranoid, don’t use this, you might just get scared. 😎

9. Pages: ($9.99): The only word processor that you need for the iPad. It can read your Microsoft Word documents as long as they are not overly complicated which I think 95% of users create.

10. Dictionary: This is a very cool dictionary. Not only does it give you the definition of a word, there are trivias and word of the day features. I really like the trivia feature opens up to me a lot of things in the English language. You need to have this.

For social media, these are what I use:

1. Facebook: (FREE) Anything else? I think the iPad app is better than the browser based version of Facebook. The implementation of sliding panels is very elegant, making the user interface neatly organized.

2. Twitter: (FREE) Oh yeah, I use this too, who doesn’t?

For reading, I also use a few:

1. Zinio: (FREE) The app is free and they have a few titles that are free for downloading. Make sure that you subscribe to the free WebMD magazine. I have paid subscription for Macworld, Popular Photography and PC Mag. I think its healthy balance don’t you think?

2. Newstand: (FREE) Again, the app is free but the subscriptions are usually paid. I have  a paid subscription to Wired and I buy single copies of Light It magazine form Kelby Media. The app will prompt you to download new issues as they come in, same as with Zinio.

3. MacWorld Daily Reader: (FREE) For up to the minute news non all things Apple and Mac, I fire up this app. Its got news, reviews and feature stories that Im sure you’ll find what you need.

4. Kindle: For books, I have Amazon’s Kindle Reader. The app is free and they have tons of free books to download, especially the classics. I have a few books that I’ve bought but the one thing limiting me is how to have others access to the books I bought. All these books have to be accessed with my account. Wait a minute, that’s the same with Zinio and Newsstand!

Well that is most of it. I’m not really the type that will download everything that is offered to me. I make sure to read user reviews and experience. If its free then it just sweetens the pot.

My next post will be the games I have maintained and played on my iPad. Check back soon!

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