How to Love Your Wife

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Photo by Ferran Jordà licensed via Creative Commons

Photo by Ferran Jordà licensed via Creative Commons

By Edwin D. Arceo

1 Corinthians 13:7, “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

If you are a hubby, you need the verse mentioned above memorized and instilled in your heart. Why? Its because this verse will sustain you in the adventure called marriage.

Part of the popular verses on love, I highlight this verse for its simple description of how a better hubby’s attitude should be.

  1. Love never gives up. Oh its sooo easy to give up. A hubby can give up on his wife and all his troubles will disappear, or so it seems. My dear hubby, your love for your wife should be like this first and foremost. Do not give up. You love your wife and you will not give up even if she is a nasty, spoiled, nagging, lazy, sickly, dominating and strong-willed woman. You do not give up on her because that is the kind of love you have for her. Of course, you still have a part in correcting the situation but that is for another post.
  2. Never loses faith. The kind of faith that says, my life will be a testimony to my wife so that it will a beacon for hers. You need to have faith in God that He will be the one to guide you and your wife in your marriage. You need to have faith in the wife you started loving years ago and that love is a strong foundation that you will not allow to be destroyed.
  3. Is always hopeful. Hope, that is one thing that we should not lose in the marriage that we, hubbies, lead. Hope fuels faith. Faith, in turn, fuels love. We need to be always hopeful. It will inspire us to reach new heights in our marriage, which is where our union should be headed, to ever new heights
  4. Endures through every circumstance. I remember with fondness the challenges that a friend, author and entrepreneur, Ardy Roberto, endured during the course of the sickness that battered his wife. Over 50 days in an expensive hospital, he gave the best that he can give to save the life of his wife, Tingting. It was a tough battle but Ardy endured. In the end, God called home Ardy’s “Swato.” He is grieving yes, but the inspiration he gave me for his enduring love for Tingting will always be remembered. Hubbies, we need to endure, in good times and bad. Did we not enter into a covenant with our wife to each other “for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part?” God will hold us to that as the leader of the household He gave us.

These are four wise advice from the Apostole Paul. May we us hubbies, live up to what God has planned for us as loving husbands to our wives.

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