Honoring Your Vows

Feb 23, 2012 | Uncategorized

Ezekiel 17:19, “So this is what the Sovereign Lord says: As surely as I live, I will punish him for breaking my covenant and disregarding the solemn oath he made in my name.”

It is wrong to disobey God’s word. Its worse when you make a vow or an oath in God’s name and then break it. You not only go against your very word but against God Himself.

Ezekiel was given a riddle by God to be spoken to the disobedient and rebellious people of Israel. It was called the riddle of the two great eagles. This riddle alludes to how Israel whose king was exiled by the ruler of Babylon. This exile was part of God’s plan so that Israel would come back to Him.

The king of Israel made a solemn vow in the name of the Lord to be a subject of the king of Babylon. God, through His prophets allowed this to happen. Jeremiah, Isaiah and here, Ezekiel, declared that God wants Israel to be exiled to Babylon, settle there, make living there until such time when God allow them to return to Israel.

instead of following God’s word, a member of the royal family secretly made a pact with the Egyptians. This angered the Lord. Israel made a vow in the name of the Lord to remain in Babylon. Israel broke that solemn vow. Unpleasant consequences are bound to happen.

Friends, we need to honor the vows that we make, especially those that were made in God’s name. If you are a married person and was married in a church, you know that you make vows in the name and presence of the Lord. This is an example of a vow that is made and should be aware of always.

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