Heidi Baker Shares Faith for Miracles at Presence Driven Conference 2017

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pdc-poster-adBy Nena Benigno

Heidi Baker, American missionary to Africa, well-known for her amazing miracle ministry that has raised over 20 dead people back  to life, healed thousands of the blind and lame, and fed hundreds of thousands of orphans  by the power and love of Jesus Christ will return to the Philippines in 2017 for the Presence Driven Conference on January 7 and 8 at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City.

When Heidi Baker visited the Philippines in 2008, actor Philip Salvador experienced first-hand, Heidi’s extraordinary faith in God to do the impossible.  Philip’s young son Pics had been critically ill and pronounced clinically dead. His skin had  turned bluish and his heart had stopped beating. Carrying his limp-bodied son, Philip made a plea to Heidi who came to the boy, laid her hands on him and spoke healing and life in Jesus’ name. Pics stirred and began to move.  Today, Pics is like the Biblical Lazarus, alive, well and able to testify to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ even in our times!

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During an interview by Terry Meeuwsen on The 700 Club, Heidi shared that Jesus visited her in a vision when she was 16 years old and told her to go to Africa and Asia as a missionary. She met her husband Rolland and married him 6 months later. They traveled to Asia with one-way tickets and $30 in their pockets and spent 12 years bringing thousands to Christ. Their prayer always was: “We want to go where no one else wants to go.” They also asked God to send them to “the poorest place on the planet.” God obliged and sent them to Mozambique in Africa in 1995. They served in a run-down state orphanage. On one of their most challenging days, they faced 80  starving children with nothing on their hands but a chili dish in a bowl, and rice for their four-member family donated by an American from the US embassy. They told the children to sit down and doled out their bowl of chili and rice. Miraculously, the food multiplied in their hands and all 80  had their fill! That was the first of two decades of miracles in Mozambique, including bringing the dead to life, healing the sick and experiencing God’s miraculous provision in the 20 churches they have planted in the poorest places in Africa and Asia. As Heidi puts it: “The river of God flows to the low place, so if you want to see God’s presence, the lower and slower you must get, and then He just crashes in on you!” (For the entire interview, log on to www1.cbn.com/Heidi-bakers-miraculous-ministry)

During her Philippine conference in 2008 hosted by Church so Blessed, Heidi started out stretched-out flat and face down on the floor, pushed down by the weight and glory of God. If you also want to experience Christ’s overwhelming, overpowering Presence, join her and other speakers at the “Presence-Driven Conference 2017” on January 7 and 8 at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City.

At the two-day event, other conference speakers who have personally experienced God’s miraculous move and flow will also share their supernatural encounters, including  Heart of David Worship Center founder Rick Pino, Jesus Revolution Now! Founder Jerome Ocampo, revivalist Paul Yadao and healing and deliverance minister, pastor and author Hiram Pangilinan of Church so Blessed, host of the conference.

Raise your level of faith for miracles and boldness for breakthrough in 2017! Contact Church so Blessed at cellphone: 09438165838 or landline 9520842 or 9280758. Or email [email protected]. You can also visit the Facebook event page at https://web.facebook.com/events/1763372920569611/

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