Healing Conference 2016: We Came, We Saw, God Imparted

Aug 1, 2016 | Uncategorized

By Edwin D. Arceo

We, my whole family and a few friends, came early to Cuneta Astrodome with expectant hearts and God did not deny us the pleasure of seeing, hearing and experiencing His great love for us. It was the start of an uprising of an “army of healers from ordinary believers.”

You can feel the excitement in the air: Through the long queue to enter the Astrodome, the jostling for seats to get a good view of the stage, the buzz was electrifying especially when the countdown for the last two minutes appeared on the LED screen at the back of the stage. Everyone wanted to experience God and be activated into the healing ministry.

Worship was electrifying! People were dancing and raising their hands into air and shouting shouts of praise. It was a fitting tribute to the God who heals.

Pastor Hiram Pangilinan, the senior pastor of Church So Blessed, who organized the event was ecstatic. I was a bit overwhelmed to see the Astrodome filled up. I knew quite a few of the staff who were working hard to make it a seamless event (which by the way was an awesome job, kudos to all of you!), and I knew that there was some anxiety if people will come. But The Holy Spirit brought people from all walks of life, ages and spiritual persuasion. Glory to God!

The 8-part workshop was brilliantly presented. The speakers were anointed, funny but effective, and were themselves testimonies of God’s power to heal. Its quite an understatement to say that if you weren’t there, you missed a lot. I sincerely hope that  they make this a regular event (as hard is it may be to stage).

The conference would have been in vain if there was no manifestation of healing—there were a lot!

There was someone who could not put his foot down because of pain; one man was instantly healed of a skin disease that he had for three years and brought to nine different dermatologists; an elderly lady who came when the assistance of a walker, walked and went up the stage unassisted. It was too bad I had to leave and was not able to witness the tens of people lined up on the stage to share how God healed them. Below are just 8 of those who testified on stage on how God healed them of their sicknesses.

But the vision of Healing Conference 2016 was to see an “army of healers from ordinary believers,” and I believe in my heart that this was met. Only time (and another conference) will tell if people who claimed to have received an impartation of the healing ministry will allow themselves to be used by God.

I will be keeping a watchful eye and a listening ear if this is happening but will also strive to go out in faith and pray for sick people to be healed.

** This just in: A pastor who attended the Healing Conference echoed what he learned the following Sunday. During the activation time, this pastor’s wife prayed for a woman with a lump on her right breast. The lump instantly disappeared! The woman was also suffering from a painful knee, and the pain was instantly gone! She says, “It feels good to see the miracle power of the Lord!” — from the Army of Healers FB page.

Photos below are more scenes and personalities at Healing Conference 2016.

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