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My father, Gregorio or Guying to his siblings, died when I was nearly 21 years old. It was January 3. I had a lot of fond memories with my father. He was a good father. He strived to provide for me and my family. He was also ordinary in many other ways but I’m not going to write about that.

My memories are better with him because my teenaged years were spent with him. You see, my mother died when I was 13 years old. I helped him in his business however i can. He was very proud of me, his youngest son in his old age. I was born when my my mother, Dalisay, was already 45, 15 years after my sister, Lulu.

He had dreams for me. He wanted me to be successful. He provided for whatever i will need in school. He urged me to study a computer-related course and I think it contributed a lot to my career today. When i had low grades in Math, he got me a tutor. Im still bad at math.

Why am i telling you this when its not even Father’s day? Its because of our Father in heaven who sent His Son Jesus on earth.

He was not good academically but he was smart and can figure things out quickly. He was good with his hands and tools. Too bad i did not inherit those traits, i was too busy being the youngest son.

I did give him a few things to be proud about. I was sent to Japan on a cultural visit sponsored by the town of Pasig. There were only two of us from our elementary school that was chosen so it was really a proud moment for him. He really went out of his way to make sure i got to go. The peso and dollar exchange rate then was 7 to 1 and i saw how he save up so he can send me at least $100 in pocket money. That was my first time to travel abroad and without my parents but he trusted, well it was just a four-day trip.

Why am i telling you this when its not even Father’s day? Its because of our Father in heaven who sent His Son Jesus on earth.

Luke 3:22, “and the Holy Spirit, in bodily form, descended on him like a dove. And a voice from heaven said, “’You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.’”

This was spoken in the very early days of Jesus’s ministry. He was sent by His Father who loved Him very much. He was very proud of how His Son will be redeeming mankind from their sin. Even though it will hurt Him, He still sent Him because He loves us so.

I miss my father, very much. I cannot make him proud anymore but I can make my Father in heaven proud of me. How? I can be obedient in what He wants to do with my life. When I fulfil my purpose in this life, I know that God would be delighted in me because that is what He wants from me.

I hope that I will do my Father in heaven proud because I also want my children to be proud of me so that they too will glorify God in heaven.

Everyone longs for a father that will be proud of them. They always have because deep inside we want someone to be proud of us and what we do. I know our Father in heaven will be pleased whenever we do His will. I think in the most simplistic way, that is what we need to strive for always.

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