Got Stylus?

Apr 11, 2012 | Uncategorized

You know, that thingy that you use to write on your tablet computer instead of your finger? It became popular with the original Palm Treo and succeeding smart phones. When the iPad came out, I thought it woud have been a no brainer to have included a stylus. That was what I expected. No, Steve Jobs did not want a stylus in his post-computer revolution. He wanted gestures to be the de facto standard for navigating the iPad–and writing on it.

Eventually, a few manufacturers came out with a stylus, most notbly, Targus, a maker of computer accessories. Check out MacWorld’s review of available iPad styli in the US here. Here in the Philippines, the Targus stylus goes for 880 pesos. Too expensive for such a diminutive accessory. I passed up but I was still on the lookout.

Then I visited CDR King. For many Filipinos, CDR King is the mecca of cheap computer and mobile accessories. Enough said.

While waiting for my turn to be served, I chanced upon what looked like pens on the shelf and upon closer inspection found that they were CDR King branded styli for the iPad! I got anxious to buy one. It was only 30 pesos! So I bought one and immediately tried it out with the Paper app by Fifty Three.

I was happy. Seriously happy. Even my son, Edwin James, was happy. He grabbed the iPad and the stylus from me and started drawing and doodling. I then tried it as a navigation tool on the iPad and still worked! Not bad for a 30 peso stylus!

If you have an iPad you need to go get one and it seems that it is in such high demand because the CDR King branch at SM Megamall was out of stock.

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