God is My Healer

Sep 29, 2012 | Uncategorized

…And He could be yours too. Let me explain.

I want to testify of God’s goodness today. If you will visit my Facebook profile here, you will see there a few entries asking for prayer for a sickness that Emy Alvarez Arceo experienced. I thinks its flu and caught it too. Emy had wicked joint pains. Every move was painful. I was really cook status oncerned and fired up text messages posted Facebook updates.

This morning only Emy was sick. But God move and He allowed Emy to serve in the church’s Parenting Seminar this morning. When we got home. Emy was not yet completely well. I was also starting to feel bad. Around 6:00p.m., I succumbed I had fever and a terrible headache at the back of my head. I was a bit concerned because this location is sometimes an area that can indicate high blood pressure. I did not have a sphygmo so I was not sure.

Alex told us after the prayer the he saw a tornado of God’s healing come into our house. I agreed because a few seconds after praying. THE HEADACHE WAS GONE!

Emy was not eating. She had a few bites. Some of you know that she has diabetes. I was concerned that he blood sugar would drop. Anyway, around 8:45p.m. I tried to sleep because the headache was really bad. Little did I know that our The 700 Club Asia co-host, Alex Tinsay was trying to call. I had five missed calls. I left my cellphone on silent so I can sleep. But I really could not sleep. It was really bad. I reached for my phone and there was Alex’s SMS and calls. I replied back by apologizing because I wanted to sleep. He wanted me to call ASAP. God is so gooood to us!

So I did!

In short, I put my celphone on speaker and Alex prayed over me and Emy. My headache was really bad. During the prayer, we agreed on declarations of complete healing. We rebuked the devil and all his works. I was trying to feel myself. The headache was slowly being removed. Alex told us after the prayer the he saw a tornado of God’s healing come into our house. I agreed because a few seconds after praying. THE HEADACHE WAS GONE!!


Before the healing came, I was groaning and groaning because of the pain. And God took it away, like a whirlwind. This was the first time I experienced healing and it felt great to be free from the devil’s trap. Skeptics would probably say I had may have had an adrenalin rush, or probably positive thinking did the healing or maybe mere coincidence. I dare say otherwise that God truly made a miracle. I received it by faith.

My friend, are you waiting for a miracle right now? Are you waiting on God for healing. God healed the centurion’s servant from a far because he had faith in Jesus. Miracles are REAL! So I would like you pray this prayer right now and touch that part in your body where there is sickness and pain:

“Dear Jesus, I declare complete healing to my sick body right now in Jesus’ name! I declare all the works of the enemy powerless and void in my home and outside in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I speak healing to my body in the name of Jesus! Lord You have said that by your wounds, we are healed, and I receive right now in Jesus’ mighty name. AMEN!!

It prayed that prayer in faith, check the part of your body where there was sickness and encourage me by putting a comment below.

Yo may be wondering what happened to Emy. Well she is sleeping well right now. Last night she would a wake yup every  15 minutes when she moved because it was painful. She is sleeping like a baby.

God bless you!

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