Gary Valenciano’s On Higher Ground

Apr 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

I was soooo blessed to be at Gary V.’ opening night for his 29th year in showbiz anniversary, On Higher Ground today! It was also a night I regretted not having my DSLR with me.

As I mentioned above, tonight was the first night of Gary V.’s On Higher Ground concert, celebrating his 29 years in show business. And what a night it was. I don’t want to be a spoiler or anything but please, if you can afford the ticket, please watch. You will definitely not regret it.

Gary and his son Paolo directed the show and it was truly awesome! Their concept was very unique, the first time I saw it. Jose “Quest” Villanueva open the program and Julienne Tarroja made a few numbers with Gary. The show lasted for over two hours and people were still waiting for more. I was waiting for more.

I regretted not having my camera because they allowed cameras in the concert! So if you are coming, don’t forget to bring one because Gary is going to be up close and close. What I had was crappy HTC phone whose camera cant even focus well on the stage. Boohoo! But Gary’s singing more than made it up for my lack of a decent camera. I was able to watch thoroughly without being distracted. Sourgraping. 8-(

This blog has some great photos of last night concert:

There are still six nights worth of amazing and inspiring Gary V music to go. Check out the dates on the poster above. Visit the official Gary V. Facebook fan page for  regular updates and details. Buy your tickets now! (oh its 12:39 am, you can’t buy your tickets now. Buy them first thing in the morning!)

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