Flip-flop Faith

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That is what I call a leader who shifts his faith even with clear evidence of divine providence. The Bible has an example and his name is King Amaziah. He is the son of King Joash, the son of King Ahaziah, the sone of King Jehoram, the son of King Jehoshaphat.

In the first chapters of 2 Chronicles 25, Amaziah was described as pleasing i the LORD’s sight, but not wholeheartedly. As we read Amaziah’s family tree, one will notice the growing pattern of disobedience to God. Israel, or the other 10 ten tribes which revolted after King Solomon died, was already in deep sin against God. Judah, it looks like, was going the way of israel.

Amaziah became king when he was 25-years-old. Rather young to be king but such is the case in these times where kings were assassinated thus making their successor rise to the throne whatever age they would have been. Young as he was, Amaziah did a few things right in his career. He also did a lot of mistakes.


Amaziah had so much potential. He was young and God was with him but he chose to disobey God and put his trust in false idols.


The first one was hiring 100,000 Israelites to become part of his army. He did however, after counsel from a man of God, turn back from his decision and fired the 100,000 men. Which, naturally, angered the men of Israel who thought they were commodities to be thrown away. That was his second mistake.

The third was taking idols from the army that he conquered. God rebuked Amaziah on why he would worship the gods for the people he just defeated. Yes, why would he. Those false gods was not able to save the army he conquered. Flip-flop faith.

The fourth was refusing to obey the counsel of a prophet from God.The fifth was challenging Israel to a fight, which Amaziah lost.

In the end, because of Amaziah’s flip-flopping faith, he died in the hands of assassins.

Amaziah had so much potential. He was young and God was with him but he chose to disobey God and put his trust in false idols. It is incredible how man;s foolishness can overtake him. That is something we should avoid. Amaziah saw how God moved, yet, he chose to disobey. He was humiliated in defeat and killed unceremoniously.

My friends, I know God has been good to you in many ways. Do not flip-flop your faith. It does not lead to anything good. It will only make you an enemy of God. Think twice. Decide wisely.

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