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May 7, 2013 | Uncategorized

Just a few hours after posting my latest article yesterday where I relate how my faith is not enough (click here to read it), God then allows me to experience His faith-building grace. And He did it through a person halfway around the globe.

Let me tell you how.

My job can be demanding at times. There is a variety of work and challenges but it is demanding. This does not the make my work any less boring but it does raise my stress level–regularly.

Yesterday was no exception. In trying to manage my stress, I tried downplaying the really stressful challenges, but my brain knows my true situation and acts accordingly. Its a like a mind over matter thing and my mind succumbed to the matters at hand. I thought by this downplaying act, I will be able to reduce my stress levels. I was wrong.

Anyway, because this, I was not realizing that my stress level was already rising. I am usually more aware of it while going home when I would I would be able to notice the feeling of tiredness in my left arm, legs and thighs. But that is me, you may have a different symptom.

Yesterday afternoon, while doing my “job” in Facebook, I was alerted by the program that someone wanted to chat with me and this person lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the USA, literally halfway around the world. It was early morning in his location. His name is Ptr. Pol.

He attracted my attention and after the usual pleasantries, asked me if there is anything that he can pray for. I was a bit surprised and told him probably what first came to my mind: that we had simultaneous projects and deadlines and if he could probably pray for me and my staff so that we would be able to meet all of our requirements. Ptr. Pol prayed for me and my tam and I thanked him afterwards and we said our customary good byes.

Then God made me realize something–again.

Shortly before getting off from my ride a couple of hours after, something dawned on me. Ptr. Pol was God’s  way of telling me that He knows my struggle with my faith and and He used this episode to let me know that He knows! I was really moved. God was training His eyes on me and encouraged in a simple act of chatting with a friand across the globe. That was a wonderful feeling.

By the way, I need to tell you that before I went out of the office, I was actually praying to God if He could help me increase my faith. That I do not want to get to the point that He will tell me, “Edwin, why do you have so little faith.” I actually earnestly prayed that and was after Ptr. Pol prayed for me.

God was already building my faith!

I know that God’s work in me is not yet done, but I now believe that He will complete what He has begun in me. He will not give up on me because of the simple reason that He loves me.

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