Enjoying The Spouse of Your Youth

Aug 2, 2011 | Uncategorized

In my case, my wife, Emy. Yours maybe a husband.

I met Emy when I was 22 and married her when I was 24. Not exactly a youth in today’s standards but definitely young back then. I’ve been married to Emy for the last 17 years. It is not a smooth ride obviously, but what a ride indeed!

The wise King Solomon said this words in Proverbs 5:18, “Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth.” Emy has been a blessing to me (I hope she also thinks the same for me). She may not be like a fountain like the verse mentioned above, but she does gush all the time.

Looking at how Solomon structures the verse, I may say that for your wife (or spouse) to be a fountain of blessing depends on you. Yes you! How you treat your spouse will determine how he (or she) becomes a blessing. Treat your wife badly and she becomes a force against you (this principle comes from The 700 Club Asia’s host, Peter Kairuz). Treat her nice, meaning with respect and loving behavior, providing for her and her offsprings’ needs, she then become a force for you.

Being married for 17 years, some will say, monotony or boredom will set in. Its not true in our case. If a married couple, especially the husband, does not have an intentional consciousness to become a blessing to his wife, then it may actually happen. Me and Emy? We disagree in a lot of things, but also agree on many others. We fight and reconcile before we sleep. I make her laugh all the time. She actually says I’m the only who can maker laugh all the time. We do not have a lot of possessions (we do long for a few things) but owning things is not our priority. Our priority is what we have right now–what God gave us today.

My wife Emy when she was 4-years-old

I’m enjoying the girl I married when I was young (this is how the “God’s World Translation” puts it). She is a blessing to me. I enjoy her when she hugs me, cuddles with me, or when she screams at my children when they get so annoying. It means that she is there, my constant companion.  She is one who will not leave my side as long as she lives. When both my sons are married and out of the house (yes, they will not live in our house when they get married) she will be still with me. If she tells me “I love you”, I return with “I love you more!” or “I don’t love you [pause for effect] but I love you very much.”

That is why you should enjoy your spouse and become a blessing to her.Don’t despise them. You chose to marry them in the first place.

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