Do YOU Want to Get Ahead in Life?

Aug 20, 2015 | Uncategorized

By Chinkee Tanrace-801940_1280

Do you want to be respected and appreciated by your loved one? Do you have a strong desire to succeed in life? Do you want to live a life that is worth living?

As I have personally attended the session of Mr. Zig Ziglar, one thing I cannot forget is we need to live life that is worth living.

He said, “We cannot live a life as a wandering generality but we need to live our life as a meaningful specific.”

We cannot live life without purpose because without it, there will be no sense of direction. We are living life as a routine and it is like doing without any sense of purpose.

It is a waste of time, money and effort if we just do things for the sake of being busy.

So I would like to share with you a very important life principle that I’ve learned from the event.


It’s hard to be truly successful without knowing your purpose because this will HELP you identify the right path to take so you will be able to reach your destination.

Ask yourself, “Where do I see myself five years from now?” What do you want to be your LIVELIHOOD for as long as you can work?

Based on your talent and your passion, you can RECOGNIZE the purpose of your existence. The reason why you have that talent and passion in the first place is for you to make use of it. Maximize your strengths!


This is very important because when you set goals, it’s like you’re DETERMINING the destination you want to reach.

In knowing your purpose, you learn the REASON. But in setting a goal, you’re after the RESULT.

And when you know your desired result, you have to …


The key is FOCUS. Don’t allow yourself to be easily SWAYED with all the negative circumstances along the way.

Remember this: Negative people, circumstance, situation can only stop you TEMPORARILY. It’s only you who can stop yourself PERMANENTLY.

And when your eyes are fixed on your goals,


It’s NOT ENOUGH to know your purpose and set a goal. Having a PLAN is one thing, putting it into ACTION is another.

You have to be WILLING to do whatever it takes so you can LIVE YOUR PURPOSE and TRANSFORM YOUR GOAL INTO REALITY.get-ahead

Do not PROCRASTINATE. Do what you need to do as soon as possible you can. That’s the only way you can reach your destination.

These are the things that I’ve learned from Zig Ziglar seminar.

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Do you know your purpose? Have you set your goals? Are you living your purpose and focusing on your goals?

Help us REFRESH others with the life-giving Word of God today!


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